Roof-ripping burst of hits. What will be shown at the summer gaming conferences?

Roof-ripping burst of hits. What will be shown at the summer gaming conferences?

Gaming conferences are back: the Summer Game Fest event cycle starts today, which will be opened by Sony. Last summer was sparse for loud announcements , but the Elden Ring and STALKER 2 screenings still did not leave gamers in the loser. Based on rumors and insiders, this year the abundance of hits should definitely bring the community to ecstasy. But what games can show? Jump into the material and find out!

State of Play by Sony. The return of the best game of all time
When : June 3 at 01:00

Where to watch : Broadcasts will take place on YouTube and Twitch

State of Play seems like an open book – all because of the numerous leaks. Of course, photos with a list of games may turn out to be fake, but the forecasts are quite adequate.

For example, Sony should show a remake of the cult The Last of Us . Work on the re-release has been talked about for a long time, and the expected release date was called 2022. With any luck, we’ll be taking control of Joel again soon and taking Ellie to the Cicadas. The original will soon be ten years old, but thanks to the port on the PlayStation 4, it is not particularly outdated – neither in graphics, nor even in terms of gameplay. However, no one will definitely refuse an improved version.

Another remake that should finally be shown is Resident Evil 4 . The legendary game was released in 2005 and has aged noticeably in 17 years. Of course, it’s still nice to go through the version modified for the PlayStation 4 – the main thing is to get used to the now unpopular chips like the hero’s stillness while aiming. However, the project certainly requires, at a minimum, updates to textures and models. They say that we will see the first video already at the State of Play.

The incomparable Resident Evil Village should also be given time. DLC for the project was announced last summer, but then Capcom stinted on the details – the developers limited themselves to text. We hope that this time they will reveal the details of the add-on to us, and at the same time they will tell us how the multiplayer Re:Verse is doing .

Another impressive show should be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 . The first part, released in 2019, could not surprise with the promised gray morality, but everything was excellent in terms of gameplay and graphics with the game. In the sequel, Soap and Price will return and again pile on the villains. It is already known that the release is scheduled for October 28 – it remains to check out the gameplay.

God of War: Ragnarok is due out in 2022, but the developers have not yet revealed a release date. Probably, it is at the Summer Game Fest that they will show a new gameplay trailer and talk about the day when gamers will be able to return to mythical Scandinavia.

Last year, the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora gameplay video intrigued many. Apparently, from the pen of Ubisoft will be another beautiful game with many outstanding landscapes. However, there are still many questions about the gameplay – will the novelty become another grind in the open world, where gamers will capture outposts and climb “sync points”? We’ll find out soon. Given that Ubisoft will not have its own presentation, the show will most likely take place as part of the State of Play.

According to rumors , Street Fighter 6 will also fly into the Sony presentation. The fifth part was released six years ago and sold an impressive circulation – Capcom probably decided that the time had come for a fresh release. The continuation was announced back in February, but the details were promised to be revealed in the summer. We are waiting for news!

Many have not even heard of Stray – and in vain. It’s about an adventure game, the main character of which will be a cute cat. At the same time, this is not about an animal with superpowers, but about the most ordinary one – however, he will have to travel around a cyberpanic city inhabited by robots and strange creatures.

Sony also promises to tell a lot of interesting things about the PlayStation VR2 and present a couple of games for the new device. Horizon Call of the Mountain has already been confirmed.

Star Wars fans are most looking forward to the full presentation of the remake of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic . A temporary console exclusive for the PlayStation 5 was announced last year, but since then gamers have not been spoiled with news. Perhaps the State of Play will show what will be the rethinking of one of the greatest RPGs in history?


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