Roller Champions | Review – Target centered?

Roller Champions | Review – Target centered?

The development of Roller Champions certainly proved more troubled than expected: announced by Ubisoft in the now distant 2019 as a new free sports title, the awaited free-to-play production took a very long time, being officially launched on PlayStation, Xbox and PC only on May 25, 2022 . In fact, multiple postponements were necessary, which the developers did not hide from us that they were caused by the desire to perfect the title as much as possible, also taking into full consideration the feedback from fans.

After the closed beta that we had the opportunity to try last year , which had already given the impression of a title, however, now close to release, a mysterious and deafening silence fell only a few weeks ago by the publisher, when he officially announced surprisingly, Roller Champions was finally ready to debut, revealing the launch date and reiterating that he had constantly listened to feedback from the community to improve the gaming experience.

We had the opportunity to try it in a special early access preview a few days before the final launch: after having further deepened the mechanics on the occasion of the public release, we are ready to talk to you in more detail about the new Ubisoft experiment to try to impose itself in a difficult and highly competitive market such as free-to-play.

In Roller Champions two teams of 3 players will have to face each other in a sporting event on very fast skates: the teams will have to keep firm control of the ball, skating through multiple checkpoints and completing at least 1 lap on the field, and then throw the ball on a target to score points.

The first team that reaches at least 5 points, or that will have a higher score than the opponents as soon as the time is up, will then win the game. Runners will also be able to choose to take risks in order to accumulate a greater amount of goals scored, finishing more laps before throwing the ball: a throw after two laps equals three points, while throwing the ball after three laps will be possible. automatically close the game thanks to the five-point shot.

Obviously, the opponents will certainly not stand by and will have to use all their coordination – and violence – to snatch the ball from the hands of the opposing team, with kicks and punches or, more simply, intercepting the ball between a pass and a throw. 

It is undoubtedly a game that from the very beginning gives the impression of wanting to emulate titles like Rocket League (of which you can buy different themed products on Amazon ), while offering its personal interpretation to the free-to-play sports genre: it is undoubtedly an original crossover and its greatest advantage is that it is an easy game to learn, but with mechanics that will take time to master .

Although apparently a simple title, if you do not learn adequately with experience how to take advantage of the ramps and the mobility of the skates to your advantage, also understanding when it is time to pass the ball or to tackle an opponent, it will appear extremely evident how difficult it can become to win games.

Team coordination is certainly of vital importance, which is why Roller Champions certainly offers the best of itself in the company of their friends or a close-knit team able to give each other information on the different roles to play in the game.

Despite the many competitive aspects, it is still a title suitable for those players looking for quick matches : the matches can in fact last a maximum of 7 minutes , plus any extra time and taking into account the search times for a match.

After completing a short tutorial, users will be able to jump into quick games immediately and, after accumulating enough experience, participate in ranked games: after completing 10 placement games, Roller Champions will assign us a tier appropriate to our level of play. , just as it already happens in several titles designed for e-sports.

Unfortunately we must point out that matchmaking has created more than a few headaches : if in the last few hours the servers seem to be able to work stably, at least for most of the time, we encountered significant stability problems during the day-one of the game , in which accessing a game had become an almost impossible feat without the game mysteriously crashing , returning us to the main screen of our device.

An error evidently due to the poor stability of the servers which, unfortunately, we had already encountered during the early access phase and which had given us a strong alarm bell: it will therefore be necessary to analyze over time how the long-term support of Roller Champions will proceed. , hoping that the launch was just an unpleasant incident, although we believe it necessary to admit that it was not a very reassuring business card for new users.


Since this is a free-to-play title, it is also important to adequately mention how the Roller Champions microtransactions work , which we believe is essential to clarify immediately to be purely cosmetic .

In fact, Ubisoft has stressed on several occasions that it has strongly focused on the customization of our samples, but while taking this desire into account we have found that the cosmetic options available for a free-to-play user are extremely limited , with the result that most some players will appear to look the same .

Therefore, in order to obtain the best equipment, it will be necessary to purchase the appropriate « wheels », that is the game credits, to be spent in the objects shop for the accessories available for a limited time.

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