Rockstar Games website goes dark: does GTA 6 have to do with it?

Rockstar Games website goes dark: does GTA 6 have to do with it?

Rockstar Games (currently also working on GTA 6 ) may be in the process of making an announcement after the company’s official website went down earlier today .

The creators of the Grand Theft Auto saga (which you can find on Amazon at a truly remarkable price) have not currently released any official statements about it.

At the beginning of June the news emerged that, according to a well-known insider, Rockstar Games would be ready to announce a “new project” .

Although the launch of GTA 6 is not expected even until 2025 , nothing excludes that there may actually be some sort of reveal on the horizon.

Among the hypotheses, it could also be the announcement of the version of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S , and / or a remastering of the original Red Dead Redemption for current modern consoles (via PSU ).

Unlikely but not impossible, a first look at Grand Theft Auto 6 , which Rockstar has officially confirmed to be in the works several months ago.

However, it is difficult to know if the blacked-out site is actually linked to the sixth chapter of Grand Theft Auto ready to show itself or to the return of the open world western.

The alleged announcement could in fact be linked to a totally different IP and still shrouded in total mystery, or perhaps to a technical problem of the official Rockstar website (although, on balance, this explanation would be the most logical but also the most silly).

The possibility of a next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2 , together with the possible announcement of a remake of the first chapter are in any case the most accredited theses: we will obviously keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Speaking again of GTA 6 , there is undoubtedly a lot of waiting to admire the technical sector: the first rumors have in fact mentioned that graphically it will be ahead of its time , something that makes the hype rise beyond every bearable level.

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