Review of Wildcat Gun Machine. Clone of Hades, in which cute kittens meet fighting robots

Review of Wildcat Gun Machine. Clone of Hades, in which cute kittens meet fighting robots


If you see Daedalic Entertainment in the list of developers or publishers, then don’t expect an expensive game. And this rule is again confirmed by their new Wildcat Gun Machine , a budget twin-stick shooter whose heroine loves kittens and explosions. From the very first seconds, it is clear that there are not enough stars from the WGM sky, but for a product from a discounter, it turned out surprisingly well.

The main menu meets with the phrase: “Press any button” , setting the further mood for everything that we will soon see. This time, budget title geniuses have taken a studio with zero experience to release a clone of a popular 2018 game, but adjusted for the “9.99 everything” price tag.

Chunkybox Games is a team of indie developers from Australia, for whom this game was, let’s say, a test of the digital pen. She tried to copy the great Hades , relying on a tiny, judging by the production, budget, and on game principles laid down by a completely different studio – Supergiant Games . In terms of gameplay, we have a twin-stick shooter in a space-science wrapper. Instead of Zagreus, there is a one-eyed cat lady with a blaster, who is able to revive after death thanks to her cat skills.

The first impressions of Wildcat Gun Machine – the project seemed to be transferred from mobile platforms. Seriously, for a desktop action game, WGM looks and plays like an iOS product, that is, slow and clumsy, and this feeling does not leave even after a couple of hours of intense gaming. But it is intense not at the call of the soul, but at the request of the editors. Unlike the classics, which challenged and entertained, you can play the novelty from Daedalic despite the poorly hidden monotony and the scarcity of content.

There is not much plot here, the launch video was not even brought into the press version. There is a catwoman, she is armed to the teeth. Go to the dungeons and destroy monsters, mutants, and at the same time hybrids of insects and robots. The further into the dungeons, the more dangerous the enemies and the more sophisticated the bosses. All labyrinths in the game are created in advance, that is, there is no procedural generation here. There is not much from a bagel in the game at all – all pumping is linear, the levels are linear, and navigation through them is lame, because even the map zoom has not been foreseen. There are not enough random elements, and the “bullet hell” itself, after the author’s favorite Risk of Rain 2 , feels simple. Hardcore is missing too.

However, as new abilities are discovered, the game changes for the better. This is no longer just Hades with lasers and machine guns or Enter the Gungeon slowed down by half . The game begins to more and more confidently throw the player with dozens of monsters on the screen, not allowing him to hide and take a breath. We answer this challenge with the help of the main and bonus weapons – you are allowed to carry only two guns with you, one of which has limited ammunition.

Later, it becomes possible to unlock additional skills such as various variations of grenades and a jerk, which can also be pumped, by the way, just like in the very Hades . At the same time, the heroine knows how to revive in the middle of the level, but the ability is made stupidly. Dead? You can spawn near the starting save point, location hub, or in front of the room in which the catwoman was killed.

At the same time, enemies are restored, and all the bonuses we have accumulated are lost – the reserve scale of aggression for the ult, additional armor and other things. But the ammunition generally remains the same as it was at the time of death. That is, it is often easier to fill the scale of aggression on the way to the problem room than to be reborn in front of it, as they say, naked.

We literally train on cats. Each kitty is the number of attempts that a player can spend on retries within one run. At the beginning of the game, only one attempt is available, the remaining eight will have to be purchased by knocking out virtual currency from enemies. It is also spent on buying weapons and unlocking skills. All these bonuses can be counted on the fingers or just look at one of the screenshots attached to the text.

As much as we scolded for the content of Serious Sam: Tormental , but WGM has even less of it: only forty guns of the same type, differing in animations of cartridges and explosions, three large acts with level bosses and six mid-bosses. There is no additional content – the game is played on average from 6 to 8 hours, and does not offer anything more than collecting achievements for finding objects in levels and buying all the upgrades.


But her main problem is unresponsive controls, when the heroine can easily get stuck in the corner texture, take damage and complete a successful dungeon run. But the controls in a twin-stick shooter should be convenient and intuitive. Here we have a game that seems to have been made for mobile phones and ported to PC at the last moment.

Wildcat Gun Machine is trying to sit on two chairs, as if its developers themselves did not understand what they wanted to offer the audience, and who in general is this very audience. The game is both pretty and sometimes casual, while in some aspects it is uncomfortable and even hardcore, in the bad sense of the word. Cheap and cheerful – this is about the game development debut of Chunkybox Games .

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