Review of the series “Halo”. The Master Chief is sad, reflective and making love – but is this what the fans were expecting?

Review of the series “Halo”. The Master Chief is sad, reflective and making love – but is this what the fans were expecting?

The first season of Halo ended May 19. The series attracted a lot of attention and flew into the top of the most popular shows of the spring. This is not surprising, because for nine episodes the Master Chief regularly surprised fans: he walked around without a helmet, succumbed to emotions and even had sex . But is that enough to make the series interesting? I watched all the episodes and I hasten to share my impressions!

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What did you expect from Halo?
In Russia and post-Soviet countries, Halo is not the most popular series. Our gamers preferred PC or, in extreme cases, PlayStation – few people looked towards Xbox. Despite this, Russian-speaking players knew the Master Chief, heard about the coolness of Bungie shooters and rejoiced when The Master Chief Collection was ported to computers.

But Western gamers have been crazy about Chief for over 20 years. A cool hero, the most pleasant shooting, chic guns – the influence of Halo on the development of Xbox and shooters can not be overestimated.

Given the title’s popularity, it’s no wonder Microsoft tried to make a movie about Chief. Once Neill Blomkamp sat in the director’s chair, and Peter Jackson’s company dealt with fake weapons, vehicles and armor. It would seem that the process should go like clockwork, but instead the film died in production hell.

Fortunately, the holiday still came to the street of Halo fans. Paramount allocated a solid budget for the creation of the series and even attracted developers from 343 Industries to produce it. The creators of a good Halo Infinite should have helped keep the spirit of the series alive.

However, then came the strange news that 343 Industries was only following the characters, and the writers weren’t even trying to follow canon. This puzzled many.

As a result, a series really came out of Halo, the events of which seem to unfold in a parallel universe. You should not expect that the same Chief, Miranda Keys and other characters will look into the show – their images have been significantly redesigned.

If you’re rooting for canon and aren’t ready to give alternative John-117 a chance, it’s best not to touch the show. However, viewers who are ready to treat the show as a project in the spirit of “What if …?” (What if…?) can enjoy watching. Of course, “Halo” can not be called a masterpiece, but on the whole a pleasant sight

In the future, things are not going well for people – all because of the war with the Covenant Empire, which unites many alien races. The affairs of mankind are ruled by the UNSC military organization, but the galaxy is full of planets that oppose centralized authority. The rebels do not believe in the existence of aggressive aliens and believe that the UNSC is simply trying to exploit a free people.

Madrigal is one such planet. The locals under the command of the brave Jin Ha bravely resist the soldiers and defend their independence. Alas, one day Covenant fighters drop in to visit them: the Sangheili brutally crack down on civilians and scour in search of some value.


It is at this moment that the Spartans appear on the battlefield: their fighting skills delight, composure causes awe, armor withstands many shots, and rifles send even the most powerful creatures to the next world. As a result, Chief and his squad manage to save the daughter of the former leader of Madrigal, and also snatch a mysterious artifact from the hands of the Covenant.

It is curious that when interacting with the artifact, the Chief changes. He remembers his childhood, begins to question the orders of the command and tries to help the only survivor, whom he would have mercilessly shot before. This becomes the beginning of a long journey that will lead Chief to important revelations.

And don’t forget about the covenant either. Aliens are trying to take possession of an ancient object at any cost – among them there is even an ordinary person who is somehow connected with the artifact. As a result, there will be a place in the conflict for both direct clashes and more dramatic moves.

In general, the plot of “Halo” turned out to be worthy – again, with a reference to the alternative nature of what is happening. At the same time, it was a fresh look at Chief and other characters that became the main advantage of the series. The scriptwriters successfully changed the image of the Spartan: already in the first series, John-117 ceases to be a soulless killing machine that does not ask questions. It is interesting to watch this transformation.

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