Review of The Quarry. Still not “Until Dawn”, but it’s getting close

Review of The Quarry. Still not “Until Dawn”, but it’s getting close

On June 10, The Quarry was released . This is an interactive movie from Supermassive Games, where gamers have to play as camp leaders and face a terrible paranormal. But did the developers manage to create something suitable? I passed the novelty and I hasten to share my impressions!

What did you expect from The Quarry?
Seven years have passed since the release of the magnificent Until Dawn – during this time, the developers from Supermassive Games have not managed to approach the level of Sony exclusive. Considering the scale of the game, the choice and consequences system seems to be the most impressive so far. The writers were inspired by category B horror, but still came up with a cool multi-layered plot with a lot of dramatic episodes. Even the picture is not outdated. In general, you can praise “Live Until Dawn” for a long time.

Alas, subsequent studio projects always lacked something. Man of Medan upset the slurred story. Little Hope was intriguing , but the characters were annoying too often, and the ending was controversial. House of Ashes forced me to wander through the caves all the time and tired me with an unoriginal superficial plot .

Of course, these games were fun to play – they perfectly coped with the role of a pleasant adventure for a couple of evenings. It’s just that gamers were waiting for something more.

The announcement of The Quarry surprised many . The developers were working on a new part of the anthology The Dark Pictures, but suddenly announced that another game is about to be released that will not become part of the Dark Pictures. What to expect from the novelty? Wouldn’t it be a hastily made hack?

Well, The Quarry is full of shortcomings: it is clear that Supermassive did not have enough time to polish the game – a couple of patches will definitely not hurt it. However, the disadvantages do not prevent the new product from jumping the entire anthology of The Dark Pictures – the game still falls short of Until Dawn, but the developers are as close as possible to their main hit.

Hackett Quary Summer Camp is a magical place. Dense forest, beautiful lake, picturesque landscapes, cozy houses – it is not surprising that children like to go there so much. The counselors are also happy with everything: they took care of the children for two months, earned some good money and are ready to return to the bosom of civilization.

Alas, the teenagers sent the pupils home, but they themselves could not leave the camp in time – the trouble with the car was to blame. As a result, they are forced to stay in the wilderness for one more night. The problem is that breaking the timings in Hackett Quary is not worth it.

The teenagers do not listen to the worried boss, who in a panic tells them to lock themselves in the house and not stick out, and throw a party around the fire. High-grade drinks, scary stories, night swimming and passionate kisses – only some devilry immediately begins to interfere with the fun.

In general, the plot is cool, but there are enough problems in it. Let’s start with the fact that passions are heating up too slowly. The prologue throws in a couple of amusing scenes, but then the gamer will have to wait a long time until the screenwriter catches up with suspense and arranges the necessary pieces on the chessboard. However, when the plot is completed, and the story picks up momentum, it will not be easy to break away from The Quarry.

The bleak start is exacerbated by caricatured characters. A bitchy fit girl, an insecure artist, a muscular macho, a closed lover of urban legends, a gay joker, and so on – there are no problems with the images themselves, but they present the characters as ridiculously as possible. Dumb jokes, dancing and chatter about cereal every now and then make you feel Spanish shame.

Plus, the characters behave like traditional horror characters. They regularly split up, argue over trifles, sort things out when a monster runs around somewhere nearby, and do other game.

However, if the actions of teenagers can be attributed to age, then it is even worse with adults. Even characters who sincerely worry about the fate of the counselors, as if on purpose, do everything so that they quickly go to the forefathers. Such inadequacy does not allow you to fully feel the atmosphere and immerse yourself in the story with your head.

However, claims to the plot are easy to justify. The developers were clearly inspired by the old “B” category horrors, where the stupid actions of the heroes are a feature, not a bug. And in general, the whole script seems to be written off from an old horror movie – the same framing, recognizable scenery, characteristic techniques. Sometimes the heroes even mention the source, referring to the terrible episodes from The Evil Dead and other films.

If you like the horror of the last century, you will definitely enjoy the plot. However, gamers who prefer modern films should also pay attention to the project. The first chapters can be confusing with the absurdity of what is happening, but then the story begins to get involved great, throwing up dramatic episodes, dynamic fights and difficult choices.

Variability is fine too. Of course, the developers drag the heroes along the rails, and the key decisions, without which the story will fall apart, are made by themselves.

The Quarry has retained the same gameplay foundation. As in the previous games of the company, the characters roam the locations, look for clues, make decisions and check the reaction in QTE episode.

As you can see, Supermassive Games did not just add a mode without gameplay to the novelty. There is an option to take your hands off the keyboard and treat the game like a series for eight hours. At the same time, it will not be boring.

However, wandering through the dark forest, creepy cottages and crumbling caves is more interesting on its own. Especially in this case, you can find tarot cards that replace totems and other utensils for predictions.

True, this time the artifacts do not show the future right away – the cards between the missions are interpreted by the witch, who has taken the place of the keeper of stories and the psychoanalyst. At the same time, the mysterious lady will briefly tell about all the finds, but will fully reveal only one future – choose which one for yourself. Alas, not all cards are equally useful: some can save a life, while others have no value at all.

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