#Yazhotets. Review of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” – or why in the fourth phase of Marvel superheroes turned into useless whiners

Somewhere in the world came the premiere of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the fourth solo film about the space Viking. We found out why the Asgardian god degenerated into a desperate housewife, and how the MCU traded heroism and ambition for the dubious joys of daily routine. Perhaps, to fully understand the processes of these changes, it is necessary to talk not only about the fourth part but in general about everything that Thor encountered in his film adaptations.

Let’s run through the numbers. On IMDb, the rating of the first Thor is 7.0 (not gorgeous, but not bad), Thor 2 is 6.8 (the game went down), Thor 3 is 7.9 (rehab), and Thor 4 is 7.0 ( regression). On Rotten Tomatoes, the first part has a 77%, the second has a 66%, the third has a record 93%, and the fourth has a modest 67%, equating the success of the work to the level of a sequel, which during the Second phase of Marvel was considered an unsuccessful part.

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The roller coaster of the ratings of the last two films is the work of Taika Waititi, who, in terms of ratings, took Thor to the skies to smash the thunderer on the walls in the next part. But with fees, everything is in order. Not really, they are great. Better than all the previous parts. “ Love and Thunder ” just came out and already grossed $302 million at the box office. People liked it, Waititi may already be preparing for the shooting of the fifth film – however, in light of the current evolution of Thor, it is difficult to imagine what it could be.

What happened to Thor before?

It all started quite epic. In 2011, Marvel released the first film about the god of thunder, directed by Kenneth Branagh, a powerful Shakespeare scholar, and theatergoer, in a word, an unobvious choice for a movie comic. But everyone wants to play with big toys, so Branagh took a couple of ideas from the great classic of world literature and drove an imaginary Sleipnir into the world of big-budget cinema to try on the story of rivalry and quest for power of two brothers, Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) and Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ). ), and weave in the plot futile attempts to impress Odin’s father ( Anthony Hopkins ).

You should not look here for a clear adherence to the course of Scandinavian mythology, in comics everything is different. Having extinguished the scale of Shakespeare’s passions, Branagh put together a simple story that the family has a beloved child, Thor, who can do anything, and an unloved Loki, who can’t do anything. The first exists according to the principle “there is power – no mind is needed”, the second one goes out of his way to earn approval, but no one cares.

As a result, Loki harbors a grudge, envies his brother, and hurts him and Odin at any opportunity. Thor is trying to become smarter, nobler, in a word, to grow above himself to become worthy of the throne. Loki does not need the throne, but he strives for it simply because he believes that Thor will ruin everything, and to annoy his brother is just a nice bonus.

Not only that, Loki learns that he was never Odin’s son. He is the child of one of the Frost Giants, enemies of Asgard. In a word, completely alien, a walking encyclopedia of rejection. Everyone lies to him, he has an identity crisis, he is not understood and everything else that is supposed to be a complex, tragic character. Branagh Loki heaped up the internal drama, showing Thor’s throwing superficially – the priority is not the best, but you can understand.

” Thor ” was not successful, but not a failure, such a strong average, but the 2013 sequel was shot by another director, Alan Taylor. He brought to the story the Dark Elves, whose leader Malekith was played by Christopher Eccleston – the Ninth Doctor and the first Time Lord in Doctor Who after the reboot. The role could have gone to Benedict Cumberbatch, but he decided not to waste time on trifles and won himself a more prominent role in the movie universe.

Posh acting flair, according to studio head Kevin Feige, Doctor Strange is now the anchor of the MCU. In ” Thor ” Cumberbatchwill appear later in the form of a sorcerer. Help Thor find Odin and send Loki to fall into darkness.

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