Review of The Ascent. A co-op action game that merged Cyberpunk 2077 and Alien Shooter – but is it worth playing?

Review of The Ascent. A co-op action game that merged Cyberpunk 2077 and Alien Shooter – but is it worth playing?

Recently released The Ascent , a curious action game from the authors of the latest Wolfenstein. The developers promised a cyberpunk setting, dynamic battles and interesting pumping – but what happened in reality? I went through The Ascent and I hasten to share my impressions.

Where did The Ascent come from?
MachineGames. The name of this studio makes the hearts of shooter fans beat faster. It was the Swedish developers who created some of the best FPS in recent years: Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus came out from under their pen .

Review of The Ascent. A co-op action game that merged Cyberpunk 2077 and Alien Shooter – but is it worth playing?
The New Colossus turned out to be an outstanding game with excellent shooting, cool cutscenes and many highlights. Alas, it did not help to succeed in sales. After the commercial failure, part of the team went to create the dubious Youngblood . Other developers said a resounding no, quit and founded the Neon Giant studio.

The debut project of the team was to be something dynamic and uncompromising. Soon the creators came up with The Ascent and got to work, and gamers put the project on their wishlist.

Review of The Ascent. A co-op action game that merged Cyberpunk 2077 and Alien Shooter – but is it worth playing?
The Ascent trailers were mesmerizing. The most beautiful world, incessant shooting, explosions and special effects. But what game turned out to be? Spoiler: very ambiguous. The action is full of merit, but it would be better if Neon Giant postponed the release and finalized the project – many aspects require polishing.

The plot of The Ascent
Far future. Mankind has been plowing space for a long time, made friends with aliens and founded large megacities in remote corners of the universe. The game takes place on the planet Veles, where the Ascent corporation runs everything.

The main character is a faceless mercenary serving the Ascent. Better even call him a slave who has no right to say no. He will kill, rob, intimidate and do whatever he is told until the contract expires. This is the order of things, and everyone is used to it.

After the first mission, bad things happen. Suddenly, the corporation collapses, the board of directors does not get in touch, and the situation begins to spiral out of control. The fact is that the planet is divided into disparate clusters: without clear management, they simply will not survive.

To save at least his area, the hero will have to work hard: find other contract soldiers who mysteriously disappeared, ensure the supply of resources and energy, and at the same time figure out what the hell is going on.

The plot of The Ascent cannot be called impressive. He is needed only to justify the movement of the hero along Veles, but he does his job well. You will meet various factions, conspiracies and injustices, but they are all superficial and secondary. It is unlikely that the story will surprise you.

But the lore of the universe is well written. Understanding how humanity has come to such a life, as well as learning about gangs, technologies and corporations is interesting. The writers came up with a well-developed world with curious rules.

There are bright characters too. They do not have conflicting characters, skeletons in the closet and other attributes of a complex personality, but most have some kind of zest. Coordinator boss, alien hacker, mercenary thug – after the first meeting you will have something to say about these guys.

After a short cutscene, you will be taken to the character editor. The toolkit is poor: there are a dozen faces, hairstyles, T-shirts and pants – in general, creating Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson) will not work. If during the game you decide to change your appearance or even gender, you can lie on the surgical table – the humanoids will arrange everything.

Whatever alter ego you create, it is destined to become a death machine that will enter a room full of enemies and come out covered in blood. The only way to solve problems is violence. You can sow chaos both alone and in a company of up to four people.

If the trailers reminded you of The Ascent Alien Shooter , you’re not wrong. Enemies here, however, are an order of magnitude smaller – only a couple of times huge hordes come running at you. However, let the screen not be filled with crowds of enemies, but you should not pull your hand off the trigger. You need to constantly run, somersault, hide behind covers and shoot in all directions. Ammunition does not end here – the main thing is to have time to reload.

There are a couple of tricks in the shooting mechanics. The hero knows how to change stances: he can move in a crouch and stand and shoot with his arm raised high. All these opportunities will have to be used – otherwise you will not survive.

The best thing to do in a particularly hot fight is to sit behind cover, raise your hand and shoot at the enemies. In this case, not a single bullet will reach you until the villains go around from the flank or launch a rocket. At first, changing stances will be unusual, but soon you will understand these mechanics and get a feel for how best to move in a particular situation.

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