Review of Sniper Elite 5. The game is good, but Hitler’s testicle is only in paid DLC

Review of Sniper Elite 5. The game is good, but Hitler’s testicle is only in paid DLC


The Sniper Elite series searched for itself for a long time, and when it found it, it turned out that its corporate identity, like Victor Frankenstein, consists of shreds of other games, and somewhere among them you can see an x-ray of Hitler’s testicles. However, jokes aside: for the second consecutive part of the series, it collects excellent press ratings and player reviews. Today we will tell you what caused the enthusiasm and who should pay attention to the new product, even if the game did not cause any interest before.

The original Sniper Elite 5 has little. Judge for yourself: first-person scope and smart enemies from MGS 5

Having collected all the successful ideas from other projects over the 17 years of its existence, Sniper Elite 5 has turned into a beautiful, smart and convenient puzzle game in which it is interesting to come up with tactics and bring different plans to life. Formally, this is a third-person stealth action game in which the main character is not very tenacious, but always carries a sniper rifle with him. Each level has several objectives to complete, and enemy outposts and patrols will make it difficult to do so unhindered.

The sniper rifle really diversifies the classic gameplay of marking enemies with binoculars and then silently strangling them. Firstly, if it suddenly becomes clear at the planning stage that someone is interfering with a beautiful walk along the route, then you can get rid of it. Stealth is also diluted with unusual entertainment – the search for a convenient position and its alternative, because you cannot linger in the same place after the shot.

Complex shooting can interfere with an inexperienced sniper. The force of the wind, gravity and range correction can still be taken away using the difficulty settings, but the sound of the shot cannot be avoided. In order to discreetly remove sentries from a rifle, you will have to adapt to the sounds of the environment, that is, the ringing of bells, flying planes and other special effects specially inscribed in the game world to mask the dirty work of a sniper.

It’s better not to disturb them – you won’t shoot back

It is also important to monitor the state of the hero. The heart rate monitor is not without reason placed in a prominent place in the interface: if the heart rate is elevated, then the rifle scope will shake terribly. Therefore, a good sniper is in no hurry and prefers not to sprint, and also not to stay behind the Germans – stress also slightly affects the pulse.

A separate item is the famous X-ray system, which at one time singled out Sniper Elite in the stream of Polish shooters and games about World War II. Especially successful and tasty shots from a long distance, the game will show in detail, demonstrating the flight of a bullet in slow motion, and then taking an x-ray of the internal organs and bones of the enemy that the projectile hit.

By the way, from the second part, the developers entertain the players with the opportunity to kill Hitler, and the users, in turn, have fun shooting his testicles in the same X-Ray. True, in Sniper Elite 4 and 5, Hitler’s testicles were made into paid DLC – and what you wanted, games from Game Pass also need to be monetized somehow.

However, a noticeable part of the game is still occupied by the already seen a hundred times sneaking movements with a pistol with a silencer, the subsequent hiding of corpses, distracting the patrolman with an abandoned bottle, and so on. In this regard, Sniper Elite 5 also does not offer anything new, except that the enemies, even at the average difficulty level, are quite smart and vigilant, which is why you have to move around the locations especially carefully.

These very locations, in fact, are the main advantage of the game. Instead of a boring open world with a million outposts, Sniper Elite 5 offers nine medium-sized, but well-developed and self-sufficient maps. For example, several times during the campaign we have to penetrate into old cities or fortresses surrounded by a moat. For each case, with the naked eye, you can find two or three possibilities (it’s just a few bridges or paths under them), and with a detailed study of the options, it turns out to be an order of magnitude more. At the same time, each solution will have obvious pros and cons: somewhere there is more infantry, and somewhere a motorcycle with a sidecar drives around, from where the machine gunner looks around the entire surrounding area.

At the same time, the tasks themselves are primitive: find, steal, blow up, kill. But, again, numerous implementation options help out. So, the necessary German general can be shot at different points of his route on the map, and sometimes even throw something in the spirit of the 47th and poison the fascist wine or hit it with a fallen bas-relief. There are also unexpected puzzles when in the office of the fascist leadership you need to look for a secret room using a note.

Sometimes you can visit such interiors.

Add interest and enemies who watch vigilantly, competently surround and have realistic hearing. Unsuccessfully sleeping on the sound of a shot, even without being noticed, you will force the Fritz to patrol the area much more carefully, but only within the hearing zone of the ill-fated cotton. Also, a local firefight will not develop into a global alarm if the Germans can be kept from an appropriate announcement on the radio.

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