Review of Rogue Legacy 2. A candidate for the most sticky games of recent years

Review of Rogue Legacy 2. A candidate for the most sticky games of recent years

Recently released Rogue Legacy 2 . This is a remarkable roguelike that promised to surprise with bright visuals, a variety of classes and abilities, cool bosses and many other mechanics. The game immediately attracted the attention of the community, flew into high positions on the Steam charts and earned excellent reviews. But should you pay attention to the novelty? I spent dozens of hours in Rogue Legacy 2 and I’m ready to share my impressions!

What is Rogue Legacy 2?
I’m not the main fan of bagels, but I tried not to miss the most notable hits. He carried the Hand of the King in the chic Dead Cells . Looked into every corner of the realm of the dead in good Hades . Helped Selena solve the mysteries of a strange planet in the exclusive Returnal . At times, even tricks like the pretty Have a Nice Death turned out to be in my hands .

But I missed the Rogue Legacy – I only half-heard about the game’s chips, but I never tried it myself. However, when the second part came out and received rave reviews, it became clear that the title could not be missed anymore.

On release day, I installed the sequel so I could take a quick look at it and go to bed. Run as many times as possible around the starting location. Who would have thought that Rogue Legacy 2 is a trap that lures into its networks and does not release until the sun peeks over the horizon.

The sequel pulled a similar stunt over and over again. The calculation for a single race every now and then turned into a marathon of six hours. The new bagel became a sponsor of sleepless nights, but repaid with unforgettable impressions.

But why is Rogue Legacy 2 so good? Almost everything: visuals, gameplay, a variety of mechanics, sound – however, it was not without its minuses either.

One day, a brave knight reaches a mysterious place where some kind of devilry happened many years ago. Skeletons, ghosts and other evil spirits roam everywhere, and rare books and NPCs willingly talk about the tragedy unfolding here.

Once upon a time, ordinary people with dreams and hopes lived in the castle and in the surrounding territories – they even had a pizzeria. Alas, at some point a terrible evil arose and ruined everything. It’s all the fault of overly ambitious rulers and treacherous advisers who allowed the tragedy and fell victim to their own decisions.

To lift the curse, a brave hero must pass through the golden gates and end evil – but this is not easy to do. The passage is blocked by massive roots, and it will be possible to remove them only by defeating the bosses.

This will be the goal of the main character. And the purpose of his children. And grandchildren. And great-grandchildren. And so on until the evil is done away with. As a result, the family tree will remind you of the Belmonts from Castlevania, who from generation to generation challenged Dracula and other evil spirits.

History is not a priority in Rogue Legacy 2, but there are a lot of notes, NPCs and chatty spirits along the way. At the same time, they do not obscure, but directly and intelligibly talk about the world and the events of the past. Some documents will tell about something funny, while others will reveal the secret of the tragedy, from which the blood runs cold.

Thanks to this, it is curious to understand what happened in the world of Rogue Legacy 2. However, it is unlikely that anyone will fly into the game for the sake of storytelling – the emphasis is still on the gameplay.

Leveling mechanics
At first, Rogue Legacy 2 looks like a typical bagel. A powerful knight roams the castle, hitting enemies, dodging attacks, looking for chests, coping with challenges and jumping on platforms. In the end, he will get to the boss and, with due skill, will send the villain to the next world. After that, you can walk to a new location and challenge another powerful enemy.

The trick is that sooner or later the hero will die. Then his mission will be continued by a descendant, but he will not start empty-handed. After all, the idea of ​​heritage plays a crucial role in the novelty.

For example, in the course of the passage, the characters open family heirlooms. Occasionally, statues come across on the way, which offer to pass special tests. If you succeed, you will get key skills like dash, double jump, access to spirit memories and so on. These skills are passed on to offspring.

This is just the beginning. In the races, gold is mined, which can be lowered to improve the hub. It is convenient if there is a forge, a training room and rooms that increase damage, armor, health and other characteristics nearby. All parameters are pumped, and each new level makes life easier.

Also, gold will open access to new classes or, for example, to the services of an architect. It is in his power to stop the procedural generation of locations and save the location of the rooms for the new run – for this he will demand 30 percent of all the gold mined.

This is expensive, but convenient if you need to get to the boss as soon as possible. As a result, there is an option to fly into the location, immediately teleport closer to the enemy and rush into battle.

There are other ways to make life easier for posterity. For example, you can find a drawing of a new sword or armor – the blacksmith will look at them and build an intelligent thing that will be inherited. And the local sorceress will take the drawings of the runes and build a little thing that can restore HP when killing enemies, attract gold, and so on.

There is even an NPC that permanently unlocks portals. This will allow you to immediately move to the desired location, and not start the adventure from the very beginning.

Yes, and the classes themselves are pumped after each race. The first barbarian and ranger you control won’t be as cool as their great grandchildren

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