Review of Postal: Brain Damaged. The dude turned into Doomguy – but was it worth it?

Review of Postal: Brain Damaged. The dude turned into Doomguy – but was it worth it?

Recently released Postal: Brain Damaged . This is a spin-off of the popular series, where the Dude will become like Doomguy, collect a lot of cool guns and uncontrollably shoot, slash and beat enemies. Gamers appreciated the concept: on Steam, the project has 96 percent of positive reviews – but should you pay attention to the new product? I completed Postal: Brain Damaged and I hasten to share my impressions!

What did you expect from Postal: Brain Damaged?
Postal is loved in Russia and CIS countries. While other countries banned the game and called it a threat to society, our gamers enthusiastically ran around Paradise with their pants down, made a silencer out of cats, fought with conservationists and intolerantly trashed a bar for sexual minorities.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the series impressed with permissiveness. Once we interviewed Postal creators Vince Desi and Mike Jaret, and realized that the guys still get high from the work done.

Alas, a lot of time has passed since the release of the cult second part , and the series has not moved forward. The dude is stuck in the past: he still runs around the ugly world, poisoning old jokes and trying to impress with outdated tricks. But gamers can no longer be surprised by a silencer cat, the ability to urinate on passers-by and petitions. For decades, the developers have not changed their approach – it is not surprising that Postal 4 turned out to be a garbage dump .

Luckily, Postal: Brain Damaged proves that the Dude’s time has not yet passed. The authors of the spin-off have greatly changed the gameplay, turning the hero into Doomguy, now he is rapidly rushing around locations, juggling guns and turning crowds of pretentious enemies into lifeless meat. The game has its flaws, but if you like purebred shooters with a touch of antique, do not pass by the novelty.

Whatever the Dude took on, it inevitably ended in disaster. Even the most innocuous tasks like cashing a check or going to the library turned into a gunfight with explosions and murders.

All this affected both the physical and mental health of the Dude. It was only a matter of time before the hero’s mind went crazy, and that’s what happened. Once he turned on the TV and fell asleep, but woke up in a very strange place. The dude realizes that he is in a dream, but attempts to wake up only lead to new troubles.

The dude is sleeping, and in a dream he does not have to remain clumsy and beaten by life, a fellow who wins only due to arrogance, anger and obstinacy. Now he has become as agile as Doomguy: he runs fast, dexterously glides through the arenas and surprises his enemies with new tricks.

The main feature of the spin-off is a cool weapon. A circular saw that can cut villains into pieces and block the shot. A smart gun reminiscent of the smart gun from Titanfall – if you aim, the bullets will reach the enemy with the help of homing. Shotgun, to which a chain was attached – with its help, you can be attracted to the villains and fly around the location in the style of Doomguy from a suitable DOOM Eternal . A rocket launcher that also spits holy grenades.

In addition, the Dude has enough other tricks. He still has not forgotten how to endlessly urinate – while the jet is so powerful that it confuses enemies. And if you drink a special drink, in the process the hero will set fire to opponents, freeze them or drive them crazy, forcing them to attack allies.

The range of guns, consumables, and abilities is impressive enough to make it fun to play through. In many ways, this is the merit of a solid bestiary, which forces you to juggle guns and rush wildly around the arena.

Opponents shoot from a distance, make rapid dashes towards the Dude, throw grenades, fly through the air, cast spells, imitate snipers, dodge volleys, and so on. At the same time, each creature has its own vulnerabilities: for example, you first need to urinate on a clever special agent – this will catch him, allowing you to finish him off.


Of course, opponents are not burdened with intelligence and in small groups are completely harmless. But when crowds of enemies descend on the hero, it becomes hot. In order not to go to heaven, you have to sweat.

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