Review of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Rich, unpredictable, not for everyone

Review of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Rich, unpredictable, not for everyone

Destiny 2 is still the most alive of all living things. The game has a stable online, and the regularity of updates and the loyalty of the fans make it, perhaps, the main looter shooter on the planet. But lately, it has become more and more a classic MMO, and less and less a story adventure for a couple of evenings. For the second edition in a row, along with a portion of new content, the old content is actively removed from the game – planets and story campaigns.

This time around, Bungie turned off the legendary Forsaken storyline and the Tangled Shores location. So, according to the developers, they are struggling with an increase in the size of the game client to indecent volumes, because all the old campaigns “everyone has already passed.” And here, to Bungie’s credit, it’s worth saying that Forsaken did become free before the release “Witch Queens. Today we will try to evaluate the new addon from the point of view of both a franchise veteran and a beginner.

The Witch Queen,” tells the story of, perhaps, one of the main villains of the Destiny universe – the queen of deception in Saskatoon. Recently, we recall, she managed to trick the entire Vanguard around her finger, taking possession of the body of the warlock Osiris, and then was expelled using the ritual of the coven of Mara Sov. In the new addition, events develop rapidly and, often, extremely unexpectedly.

Savathune somehow escaped death and took possession of the sacred Light of the Traveler, gaining the ability to be reborn after death – in the same way as the guardians do. Also, a new supervillain appears on the scene – a certain Witness who controls the pyramids of Darkness and steals entire planets. That’s right, by the way, Bungieexplains the disappearance of entire worlds that were previously available for research. Yes, it’s not the hard drive space that’s to blame, but the mysterious Witness.

If the last paragraph seemed to you a set of incomprehensible words, then, in addition, you probably shouldn’t meddle. The fact is that if the main stories of, say, Beyond Light or “vanilla” Destiny 2 were more or less independent, then the ” Witch Queen ” is built exactly into the center of the intricacies of faces and factions of this universe. Events are based not only on the main storylines but also on numerous in-game books and the main characters of at least numerous seasons.

On the other hand, Bungie did not try to attract newcomers. For this purpose, Beyond Light did a good job. Here we have content created primarily for the active players of the project. And they will appreciate it. Franchise veterans will learn truly shocking things about the Wanderer, they will finally be able to defeat the hated queen of lies and lift the veil of secrets over the mysteries of Light and Darkness. From the fan’s point of view, the campaign is cool, and somewhere even more so turns many familiar things upside down.

The gameplay is also very diverse. We have to solve riddles, illuminate dark caves with the help of special clots of orange rubbish sticking to the walls, defeat bosses with rather unusual mechanics, and even take part in chases. In a word, both from a visual point of view and from the point of view of the gameplay, everything is in order here. What are only the Knights of the Hive endowed with the Light, who will be reborn if they do not jump to the corpse in the shortest possible time and finish off their ghost? This has never happened before in Destiny.

We beat Savatun alone, it seems, for 50 minutes of real-time, because the battle with her consists of several phases and takes place in different locations. Perhaps the complexity of the content here is comparable to the Dungeons – hardcore encounters for three people that require maximum concentration and the best equipment. Yes, this is a serious challenge, but the result is worth it. Firstly, due to the complexity, this was perhaps the most memorable Destiny storyline.

Well, 100 levels of the season pass, of course, is also in place. In general, there are a lot of all kinds of tasks here – for example, immediately after the end of the battle with Savathun, Queen Mara will send us to solve new riddles.

All this, in turn, will reward the player with several new “exotics” at once. The most memorable of them, perhaps, is the submachine gun that shoots worms, and the hand grenade launcher, which allows you to switch between elements. Also, the game has a couple of new “raids” and a board with some kind of investigation, which also needs to be done.

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