Review of Crossfire: Legion – a quirky strategy “in the spirit of the old classics” that tried to rob players. But no one fell for

Review of Crossfire: Legion – a quirky strategy


Have you heard anything about Crossfire: Legion , no? And this is one of the worst strategies in the last few years! Yes, like this, without choosing soft words. Only the deplorable Warcraft 3: Reforged (status: convulsing) and A Year of Rain (status: dead) can be compared with her in terms of the level of fail . So far, the main strategic disappointment of the year has been the technical condition and lazy support of Total War: Warhammer 3 , which pushed the promising game to the very bottom of “mixed” reviews on Steam. Crossfire : Legionthe rating is higher, but only because almost everyone does not care about her. True, most likely, you would not have known anything about her without this text. However, such anti-heroes need to be known by sight: it turns out that games no longer need to have millions of fans in order to become greedy and mediocre.

383 players in the peak. Average online as an unfortunate 39 gamers just ten days after launch. As I write these lines, it has already become obvious to everyone that Crossfire: Legion is an epic failure, which in a good way should have been curtailed after the negative reviews and reviews so generously issued by beta testers after the first dose of OBT.

As sad as it is to say, having nothing to do in Legion is just the tip of the iceberg. The situation is unthinkable: under the guise of a classic strategy for oldfags, gamers tried to sell another greedy service game in a very raw state. It would seem that its authors have already created Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak , which showed mediocre sales, despite the presence of a strong publisher in the face of Gearbox . I had to change something in my approach.


The screenshots give the impression that this is a Red Alert 3 level game. You only know what a scam this is

But no – Crossfire: Legion , for all its mediocrity and wretchedness, has the audacity to pull its frail hands to your wallet, defrauding gamers of real resources and money. How could this even happen? But the fact is that Crossfire: Legion was created on the basis of the once popular shooter, which at some point they decided to turn into a multi-genre universe. Fortunately, the setting allows: three private military companies with different principles and ideals are fighting for power, more precisely, for world peace.

These military corporations are even named similarly: Global Risk , Black List and New Horizon . The factions are damn similar to each other – despite the fact that the game feels like a dozen years belated clone of StarCraft 2 , the player will never have the feeling of fundamental differences, as between the zerg and the protoss. The problem of faction identity should be corrected by the story campaign – it is here. But all she achieves is just a bold underline of the problems of the game.


The design of the tank “Marshal”: you can’t imagine a more banal one!

At the moment, only the first act, consisting of four missions, is available. In fact, the first three tutorials – in one we are taught the simplest basics of war, using only infantry. In the second, they also trust the equipment, demanding first to destroy the Global Risk troops that have stuck around the besieged building, and then evacuate the rescued Black List fighters and civilians, accompanying the bus with their tank column.

In the third mission, they finally give control of the hero – here we have our own Nova Terra, capable of going into invisibility and shooting enemy infantry with accurate shots from a sniper. Plus, there is the construction of the base, but at a fairly simple level. Only the final fourth mission of the first act gives a taste of gunpowder: the enemy has as many as three bases, he constantly throws troops at us, acting aggressively, and half an hour later, the timer is turned on to bring the mission to victory: the deadline is explained by bad weather, before the start of which you need to start the equipment, destroying anti-aircraft guns. On the forum, you can find the opinions of people who “burned out” due to the high complexity of AI, even on the “easy”, that is, at the easy level.


Powerful units were riveted, gathered in an armful and thrown at enemy fortifications. T – tactics

The conditional “good-natured” faction of the Black List is the most boring in the game. She is up against the military giant Global Risk, and the humanitarian organization New Horizon has armed itself and intervened in their conflict. But this is on paper, but in fact the campaign consists of four skirmishes of good “blacklisters” with evil “global threats”. Almost all units look the same, in classic military style. Honestly, all military branches lack uniqueness, even the Great Houses in Dune 2 on SEGA Mega Drive were more interesting and unique than these three military forces. A seditious statement, but still: in any of the games in the Command & Conquer series , there were more visual and gameplay differences between the factions than here.

After the two hours allotted for the refund expire and the game becomes impossible to return, the player, puzzled by the micro-plot, will go to the rest of the modes. There are only two of them: custom games and skirmish, which is called “automatic” here.

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