Review Alien Shooter 2 – New Era. A vivid example of a nightmarish attitude towards fans

Review Alien Shooter 2 – New Era. A vivid example of a nightmarish attitude towards fans

Recently released Alien Shooter 2 – New Era . This is a spin-off of the cult series that excited the minds of the players in the mid-2000s. In the novelty, gamers will again have to take control of a tough fighter and challenge hordes of terrible creatures. But is it fun to do it? I went through New Era and I hasten to share my impressions!

What is Alien Shooter 2 – New Era?
I remember in 2003 a friend brought in a CD containing Alien Shooter . The blank immediately flew into the drive, and we began a bloodthirsty adventure through a world full of monsters.

The start was atmospheric. The hero wandered into a mysterious laboratory, where torn corpses lay along the corridors, and the rooms were covered with darkness. At the same time, no one was in a hurry to attack: the game skillfully terrified, urged to explore the area and look for sources of electricity.

Only at the moment when the nerve was stretched to the limit, the creatures began to shove the hero – and this is not about a couple of individuals, but about huge crowds. Over time, the number and power of monsters grew, and they had to rely only on an impressive arsenal and dexterity. However, this was enough to turn the invaders into lifeless meat.

The destruction of all living things was great fun. It was fun to shoot, the variety of guns was impressive, and the enemies were overwhelming in number and difficult to challenge – it’s no surprise that Alien Shooter was a hit and fell in love with many gamers.

In 2006, the Russian studio Sigma Team consolidated its success by releasing the second part. In fact, the sequel remained the same game, only the arsenal grew noticeably, there were even more monsters, and the graphics were slightly pumped – this was enough to captivate gamers again for ten hours.

Alas, after the release of Alien Shooter 2 , the developers could not take a step forward. Years passed, and they continued to exploit the concept, which was rapidly becoming obsolete. In the spin-off The Legend , they tried to dilute the series with new mechanics , but the result was mixed.

A couple of days ago, Sigma Team unexpectedly rolled out another spin-off subtitled New Era. The authors promised that the novelty would be a real gift for oldies and entertain them with classic gameplay. But what actually happened? Unfortunately, New Era is more like spitting on the fans than trying to please them.

It has been 50 years since the monster invasion. Mankind could not fight back the invaders – a handful of survivors huddled in colonies and hid in the subway and dilapidated cities. The earth, meanwhile, began to resemble a wasteland.

Alas, scattered colonies cannot fully provide for themselves. For trading purposes, people carry caravans with food, resources and other valuables across the wastelands. One day, such a caravan gets into trouble and sends an SOS signal, which reaches the main character.

Now a skilled fighter needs to go on reconnaissance and figure out what happened. Alas, the call is accompanied by a mysterious roar – before that, people had not heard anything like it. Has a new mutant appeared among the enemies, capable of finally burying humanity?

The plot of Alien Shooter 2 – New Era is infinitely banal, but hardly anyone expected scenario revelations from the novelty. Criticizing the history of the next spin-off is not worth it – especially since it still has funny moments.

If it’s a dubious idea to find fault with the plot in an arcade action game, then for the rest of the developers’ game, to put it mildly, it’s worth chiding. The state of Alien Shooter 2 – New Era perfectly describes the approach to the sound. The fact is that all levels take place in complete silence, which is diluted only by the sounds of shots and the sobs of dying monsters.

No, the authors didn’t forget about the background tracks: they wrote a lot of decent compositions, but none of them work. Judging by the reviews, the music files are tailored for the engine for mobile phones, and the PC simply does not perceive them.

However, the reason for the non-working sound is not so important – it is curious how the developers even allowed this. Have they never tested the build and noticed that the sound is simply not reproduced? As a result, craftsmen had to convert the files to the required format on their own – after the simplest manipulations, the tracks finally start to play. This kind of fiasco can be found in almost every aspect of the spin-off.

However, at first everything is fine. The hero begins his journey in a terrible location and after a couple of seconds he meets the first pack of monsters. It’s a pity that the developers did without an atmospheric introduction, but first of all, Alien Shooter is valued for its incessant shooting – New Era has it in abundance. Beetles, spiders, local Deathclaws and other creatures immediately begin to shove out of the ground. Gradually, there are more of them, and the hero has to increasingly frantically rush around the arena, without taking his finger off the trigger.
Alas, the longer you hang in Alien Shooter 2 – New Era, the more problems are revealed. At the same time, the shortcomings are critical: because of them, the hand continually reaches for the “Delete from device” button.

For example, each level is full of fences, stones, bushes and other landscape elements. Alas, the interaction of the hero with the world is implemented terribly – he gets stuck in space every now and then. There is nothing easier than trying to go through a hole in the fence and get stuck there. Salvation is only a reload of the level, resetting the progress.

In principle, if you rush along the main road and do not turn anywhere, the hero will avoid such troubles. However, resources are scattered around the location that will be useful for pumping and access to new trunks – most of the good is hidden on secondary paths, where it is easy to get stuck. After a good indie Vampire Survivors , where the character’s movements are polished to a shine, it’s sad to control the New Era hero.

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