Resident Evil Village for less than 30 euros on Amazon!

Resident Evil Village for less than 30 euros on Amazon!

Were you looking for an excellent opportunity to recover the last chapter of Resident Evil for PS4? Today, we have the right offer for you! In fact, currently the well-known e-commerce portal Amazon offers the possibility of having Resident Evil Village at a price not to be missed !

Set a few years after the events recounted in Resident Evil 7 , Resident Evil Village puts players once again in the role of Ethan Winters , who will find himself inside a mysterious village populated by monstrous creatures who will try to hinder him to save his daughter.

This time, in Resident Evil Village Ethan finds himself facing four evil lords, all direct emanations of the elusive Mother Miranda , blindly idolized by the deviant acolytes and beasts that have scarred the face of the ancient village. Each of the four big opponents is located in areas just outside the village, which serves as the main area from which paths, lanes and secondary paths branch off.

In our review , where the title was awarded an excellent 9.0, we stated that ” Resident Evil Village sweeps away the doubts about the plot and the alleged inadequacy of certain horror figures, doing a careful and convincing work on the narrative, which reveals sensational details about the past and paves the way for a future of great prospects. […] Village is the best you could ask for from a cross-gen chapter that had the strength to present itself as a modern classic and at the same time as one of the most successful chapters of the series “

Usually Resident Evil Village sells for € 69.99, but today you can take it home for just € 29.99 , saving € 40. This is the perfect opportunity to buy an excellent video game at a discounted price.

This is just one of the many products that you can find at a discounted price on Amazon and of which we invite you to consult the complete catalog at the link below. Finally, we remind you that every day we point out the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

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