Remember EA’s unhappy tweet about single players? Here’s what really happened

Remember EA’s unhappy tweet about single players? Here’s what really happened

EA was at the center of the news, a few days ago, for a social behavior that caused the community to discuss a lot.

The FIFA publisher , which you can also find on Amazon , has sinned of little prudence with what could have been a simple meme.

In a tweet he had in fact made fun of gamers who prefer only single player video games, using a popular catchphrase in this period.

A quite absurd behavior considering that the same publisher does not publish only multiplayer titles , and some even very famous licenses .

In fact, taking up a meme format based on the aspects that may not like during an appointment, the social team has in fact decided to propose its own variant, underlining that, despite our counterpart deserves a ” 10 ” , unfortunately it plays single player games.

As if there was really something wrong with that.

This sparked fierce reactions from the community, and later the same EA did mea culpa (as you can see below).

But, as Kotaku reports , the issue did not go away quickly within the company.

According to a report, an hour after the tweet was posted, it also arrived in an internal EA chat room, where employees and social media staff began monitoring all angry reactions from fans, and some executives. by Electronic Arts.

Hence the idea of ​​publishing the self-ironic tweet in the hope of calming the waters. A remedy that, however, was not what had been agreed by all the staff.

The initial plan was to get all of EA’s other social accounts to start digging into the original tweet, aiming instead to put more focus on the many single player games that are in development.

But some staff members pointed out that this strategy would only strengthen the online narrative that EA’s studios and teams hate the company. As a result, the publisher’s social team was unable to find a common line.

A source told USA Today that the most shared idea was to “take responsibility and apologize . ” But the apology ended up being a perhaps more embarrassing tweet (the one above), in which people who play single player games are referred to as “an 11”.

While the internet world has moved on fast, because these things are quickly forgotten, Electronic Arts is continuing to hold meetings between executives who were offended by this statement, and the social team behind these tweets.

As a final twist, apparently the official Electronic Arts Twitter account is not managed by anyone from the company, in the communication teams.

The source claims that the staff who manage the Twitter account are “all new” and that most of them are not people in the game industry , and probably had no idea of ​​Electronic Arts’ long and tumultuous relationship with games. single player.

A truly incredible story .

Definitely changing the subject, but still remaining on the EA theme, the publisher has decided to show everyone a ” pre-pre-pre-alpha ” version of the new Skate , but which some fans will be able to play in preview.

Soon we could also see news on FIFA 23 and the new Need for Speed : the launch dates would already be leaked on the net , pending the official announcement.

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