Red Friday MediaWorld: discounts up to 400 euros!

Red Friday MediaWorld: discounts up to 400 euros!

The well-known chain MediaWorld has launched the interesting “ Red Friday ” promotion which allows you to have an immediate discount based on the purchase or order made up to a maximum of € 400 .

Specifically, every person who, until Thursday 2 June , will buy at a shop, or will order on the site, promotional products for a minimum amount of 500 € – single receipt (order for online purchases) – will receive an immediate discount, based on the ” total purchase amount falling within one of the following four spending hypotheses:

Total amount – Purchase between € 500.00 and € 749.99 : Immediate discount of € 50.00 (corresponding to a minimum discount of 6.66% and a maximum of 10%)
Total amount – Purchase between € 750.00 and € 999.99 : Immediate discount of € 100.00 (corresponding to a minimum discount of 10% and a maximum of 13.33%)
Total amount – Purchase between € 1,000.00 and € 1999.99 : Immediate discount of € 200.00 (corresponding to a minimum discount of 10% and a maximum of 20%)
Total amount – Purchase equal to or greater than € 2,000.00 : Immediate discount of € 400.00 (maximum discount 20%)
It should be noted that the discount due will be distributed, proportionally, on all the promotional products.

The promotion is active on all products available except forof all the products that are part of the following promotions: all the products participating in the promotions “COMPUTER CHE PASSIONE” and “LA CASA PER ME”, all the products participating in the online promotion “ONLY FOR TODAY” and “ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND” , all “PC COMPONENTS”, all CONSOLES and all DEMO UNITS products, DYSON, SMEG, MIELE and LIEBHERR brand products, SAMSUNG branded BUILT-IN products, products sold as part of subscriptions (telephony, internet, TV, etc.), pre-sales reservations, publishing products, scratch cards, policies, wedding lists and the like (birthday, confirmation, etc.), and all those items that represent digital pins, vouchers, top-ups , boxes, gift cards and all MediaWorld services.

The MediaWorld catalog is truly boundless and includes products belonging to the most disparate categories, from telephony, video cameras, cameras and computers to consoles, video games, smart TVs and large and small appliances. Finally, we remind you that every day we point out the best offers on the net

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