Red Dead Online is so alive that fans are planning a funeral for him

Red Dead Online is so alive that fans are planning a funeral for him

With Red Dead Online , Rockstar inevitably wanted to replicate the success of its more contemporary “cousin”, namely GTA Online .

The online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 , which you can find on Amazon , traces the same ideas as the same mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

So much so that, shortly after the launch of the mode, Red Dead Online was immediately made a standalone product in the hope of making it even more attractive .

But the game never took off , and just a few months ago, players had begun to express their dissent over the lack of updates.

And this time around, it seems like the patience is over, because Red Dead Online fans have already given up on RDR 2 ‘s online mode .

So much so that, as PC Games N reports , they are even organizing a funeral . For the game itself.

The last time Red Dead Online was updated with new content was on July 13, 2021 .

The game has always had some life thanks to mods , and in general to some fans who have continued to populate it, but it seems that even the last spark of interest is disappearing.

A year after the launch of the Blood Money update , fan site Red Dead News has launched an open appeal to Red Dead Redemption 2 players , starting to organize a funeral .


Players will need to don their funeral garb, and reunite online on July 13 to take photos and commemorate the late Rockstar title’s mournful online mode.

Who knows that this player initiative will not convince Rockstar to do something to revive Red Dead Online , or it will not help at all.

A very different story from that of GTA Online , which recently launched a premium subscription service that has made a great success .

On the contrary , Red Dead Redemption 2 is always much loved by fans, who never miss an opportunity to continue creating mods and news for the title .

In the meantime, it seems that an old episode of the western saga could return with a remaster , even.

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