Raft Review. A diamond among survivors

Raft Review. A diamond among survivors

The full version of Raft has recently been released . The project spent four years in early access and collected 157 thousand reviews – 93 percent of them positive. At first glance, the characters are doing things familiar to the genre like collecting trash, building and cooking. So why has Raft impressed gamers so much? Check out the article and find out!

What is Raft?
Developers often send gamers to survive in the most unusual places. The humorous Breathedge threw the hero into space. The authors of the chic Subnautica called for exploring the bottom of the ocean. Cool Valheim introduced the mysterious Scandinavian world. In the popular V Rising , we ran around the vampire world and drank human blood. It’s hard to find a setting that survival writers haven’t covered yet.

Raft Review. A diamond among survivors
Studio Redbeet Interactive also showed originality. The heroes of Raft found themselves in the middle of an endless ocean: a small raft was under their feet, land was not visible on the horizon, and a shark peeped out of the water, dreaming of devouring the poor fellows. Is it possible to be saved in such conditions? Yes! Moreover, the heroes can turn a flimsy raft into a real fortress and become the true masters of the ocean.

Raft Review. A diamond among survivors
But is it interesting once again to collect rubbish, build fortifications and improve life? Well, if you don’t like survival games, Raft is unlikely to change your mind. However, connoisseurs of the genre will easily get stuck in the release version for a hundred hours. The game lacks cons, but the atmosphere in it is simply incredible.

Would you survive being on a raft in the middle of the ocean?

Complex issue
Unfortunately no

At first, it may seem that Raft has no plot. It is worth starting the game, as the hero immediately appears on a small raft and proceeds to survive. However, if you look closely at the details, it turns out that the authors came up with a cool lore.

Raft Review. A diamond among survivors
Raft is set in a world that has survived the apocalypse. In 2020, scientists said that all the ice on the planet would soon melt – and it happened. As a result, the water level rose, and almost nothing remained of the land. People tried to escape to the mountains and build tall buildings there from improvised materials, but few managed to escape.

As you progress through the characters will face the consequences of the disaster. They will find cities where the population has died out from hunger, thirst and conflict. They will read heartbreaking notes about the inhabitants of the stranded liner. They learn about the wars that people unleashed for rare pieces of land. Digging into the tragedies of the future is curious.

Russian subtitles available
Russian subtitles available
The authors of Raft did not try to bet on the plot. There is no staging, chatty NPCs and thoughtful dialogue in the game – the narrative is fed through the environment and rare notes. This approach works great for the atmosphere: it simultaneously allows you to feel loneliness and unity with nature. Civilization has already died, and there is really no hope – it sounds scary, but in fact this clarity makes the adventure serene.

Raft is a traditional survival game where you need to collect tons of rubbish and craft priceless goods from it. Initially, under the feet of the hero there is a very small raft, and in his hands there is only a hook for catching garbage. However, with due diligence, he can turn a flimsy vessel into a luxurious house, where there are no problems with either food or water. However, this is far from it.

Raft Review. A diamond among survivors
In the initial stages, you should not even think about comfort. The hero’s stomach growls, and the body requires drinking water – something urgently needs to be done about this. Luckily, there are mountains of garbage floating around the ocean: we collect pieces of wood, plastic, palm leaves and other resources, and then we build something useful out of them. For example, a purifier for turning salt water into distilled water and a grill where you can bake potatoes or beets.

Then the hero will make tools like a fishing rod and an oar. Or networks in which useful garbage will be collected by itself. Or a sail that allows you to direct the raft in the right direction. Yes, and the anchor will also come in handy – otherwise, at the very first stop, the ship will irrevocably sail away. In general, there are many options for crafting, and each object requires a lot of different resources.

At the same time, the requirements are constantly growing. If at first plastic, wood, sand and other simple materials are needed for a comfortable life, then over time the hero will have to fiddle with bolts, microcircuits, batteries and other confused items. Getting everything you need will take a lot of time, but the reward is worth it.

How do you like the idea of ​​building an electric water purifier? He will collect the salt water himself and make it drinkable. Considering that at the beginning of the game the poor fellow scoops up water with a glass and drags it to a primitive purifier, this is a serious progress.

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