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PUBG Map: If you’re new to the battle royale game or need a refresher, here’s a rundown of every PUBG map in the 2022 rotation. Want to see a list of all PUBG maps? PUBG Battlegrounds has an abundance of levels to play on, with a total of eight maps. As entertaining as that is, it also implies that we must learn the distinctions between Paramo’s dangerous volcanic terrain and Vikendi’s unique train system. After all, if you use your knowledge to gain an advantage in battle, learning every map can help you rack up numerous chicken dinners.

Deston, the ninth PUBG map, will be released on July 12. So far, we know Deston has a swamp, a large port city, and an industrial peninsula. There are plenty of special features as well, including the ability to climb skyscrapers, fly around cities with attached Utility Parachutes, race around in airboats, and use the fastest shotty ever seen in PUBG.


  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Taego
  • Vikendi
  • Sanhok
  • Paramo
  • Karakin
  • Haven


  • Size: 8×8 km
  • Terrain: Forest, grassland
  • Player count: 100
  • Special features: Ferries

Erangel is the default PUBG map because it was the first map introduced in the game. It has well-balanced terrain suitable for mid-to-long-range combat, a standard map size, and few special features. The best loot and the most players can be found near the Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki, and the School. You can use one of the four ferries to avoid crossing the bridge to Sosnovka Island in the south.


  • Size: 8×8 km
  • Terrain: Desert, vast plains, and hills
  • Player count: 100
  • Special features: Vending machines, quads, LYNX AMR anti-vehicle weapon

Miramar, also known as the ultimate sniper map, is all about detecting your adversary before they detect you. Although the combat is slower than on other PUBG maps, leaving the city and venturing out into the desert can result in some intense stand-offs.

The map-exclusive quad is the best way to race around Miramar, but beware: this level also includes the LYNX AMR weapon, a sniper rifle capable of blowing up vehicles. Miramar’s best loot locations include the cities of El Pozo and Los Leones, as well as Pecado and the Hacienda del Patron. Miramar is the only map with vending machines dotted around it; go to one of these machines to get energy drinks and pain relievers.



  • Size: 8×8 km
  • Terrain: Forest, grassland
  • Player count: 100
  • Special features: Comeback Arena, Secret Rooms, Error Space, Emergency Landing, Self AED, Blue Zone Grenades, Porter trucks, additional Care Packages, breakable pots

Taego is the only map in the game with more special features than any other. So far, Taego has the following special features: a comeback system that allows players who died during the first Blue Zone phase to fight again, a Self AED item to revive yourself, Secret Rooms filled with Self AED and other loot, a crashing plane that shortens your parachute time, Error Space zones with randomised exclusive loot spawn from other maps, grenades that allow you to create a mini Blue Zone, and trucks with their own inventory space Finally, there are more airdrops and breakable pots with additional loot.

Yes, there is a lot to remember. The most important takeaway, however, is to be prepared for an Emergency Landing and a possible visit to the Comeback Arena. You don’t have to kill anyone in the Comeback Arena; all you have to do is survive long enough to be let back in. Because of this system and the abundance of loot on the island, your landing spot on Taego is less important. However, large urban areas such as Ho San and the Palace should be sufficient.


  • Size: 6×6 km
  • Terrain: Pine forest, mountains
  • Player count: 100
  • Special features: Train

Although Snowy Vikendi is a war zone, its public transportation system is still operational. Taking a train is a convenient way to move around the map, but be aware that they are not exactly stealthy. If you don’t want to get on a moving train, you can get on at one of the map’s 11 train stations. Every match has the same train schedule. Try the Cosmodrome, Dinoland, Castle, and Cement Factory for the best Vikendi loot.


  • Size: 4×4 km
  • Terrain: Dense jungle, rivers, and small lakes
  • Player count: 100
  • Special features: Loot trucks

Sanhok’s small size and dense forest make it ideal for close-quarters combat. Because early-game encounters are almost always guaranteed, it’s critical to find good loot right away. If you’re feeling confident, the Bootcamp, the Ruins, and Paradise Resort are the best places to get top-tier gear. You can also try to destroy a Loot Truck, but keep in mind that you will almost certainly be surrounded by other players. Try a landing spot like the Kampong or the Docks if you want to save the heated battles for later.


  • Size: 3×3 km
  • Terrain: Molten lava
  • Player count: 64
  • Special features: Secret Rooms, dynamic map, lava, helicopters

The volcanic island of Paramo has a dynamic map, which means that some landmarks and terrain elements spawn in different locations each time you play. This does not, however, imply that you will receive a completely new map each time you play. At the time of writing, it appears that the location swap applies mostly to the four major cities.

Furthermore, Paramo is home to a very active volcano. Keep an eye on the ground and avoid stepping on the lava! Because the rest of the map lacks urban areas, the four cities are the best and most dangerous places to land. You might find a Secret Room or a loot-carrying helicopter if you’re lucky.


  • Size: 2×2 km
  • Terrain: Desert, mild foliage
  • Player count: 64
  • Special features: Black zone, breakable walls

The PUBG Karakin map may resemble a miniature Miramar, but the combat pace is much faster. Finding proper loot on Karakin can be difficult; a large portion of the map consists of barren hills with the occasional abandoned building. You can try your luck in the big cities near the island’s edge, or you can explore Karakin’s tunnel system. Be wary of the Black Zones, as the bombs can destroy entire buildings.


  • Size: 1×1 km
  • Terrain: Urban, buildings, and roads
  • Player count: 32
  • Special features: Pillar PvE

Haven, a tiny city, is PUBG’s only PvPvE map. Pillar Guards (basic loot) and Pillar Commanders (high-tier loot) will immediately attack you. Although these Pillar NPCs make survival more difficult, they also provide access to better weapons and equipment. However, don’t try to take down Pillar’s vehicles or scouting helicopters because they are indestructible. The Residential area is the best place to find loot in Haven; try to land there as soon as possible.

That’s all there is to know about each PUBG map so far. If you haven’t played the legendary BR in a while, you should read our best PUBG weapons guide to get up to speed on the latest meta. In addition, we have a general PUBG guide.

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