PS5 Slim really exists and is only 2cm tall: here is the new model (by fans)

PS5 Slim really exists and is only 2cm tall: here is the new model (by fans)

The lucky fans who have managed to buy Sony’s next-gen console know very well the imposing size of the PS5 , so impressive that it has prompted many to want a hypothetical ” Slim ” version for a future redesign.

A feat that, according to many players, seemed destined to remain impossible : not only in light of the fact that PS5 stocks are still extremely limited today (in the meantime, you can find the DualSense in different colors on Amazon ), but also for the power of the platform itself.

However, the famous youtuber DIY Perks has decided to share his latest venture with his fans: to create a real ” PS5 Slim “, an extremely slim console by designing the new case entirely from scratch (via Push Square ).

It is not the first time that the content creator has ventured into such a feat with PS5 , but this time it has really surpassed itself: the height of the console can in fact reach only 2 centimeters.

However, creating a new case did not prove sufficient to reduce the size of the console: to be able to create an incredibly thin next-gen platform, DIY Perks decided to replace the integrated cooling system with a new water system, then going to increase the size of the power supply block.

This means that, in a certain sense, the youtuber has ” cheated ” since the power supply reaches enormous dimensions in this way, although it is expected that it is not actually visible together with the console.

In any case, it is a truly remarkable and extremely interesting undertaking: in the video that we will present to you below you can discover all the steps necessary to make PS5 Slim.


Who knows if Sony will use this latest effort as inspiration, should it decide to revisit its console: certainly many fans would be happy to have a PS5 in their hands that is able to better adapt to the spaces of our apartments.

Should a Slim model actually be launched on the market, the design is likely to take a long time: Sony has already made it clear that the top priority is to increase current stocks .

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