PS3 and PS Vita, the end closer and closer? Sony confirms bad news

PS3 and PS Vita, the end closer and closer? Sony confirms bad news

Sony now seems ever closer to putting an end to PS3 and PS Vita support definitively : an operation that had already been in the company’s plans for some time, but postponed following protests from fans.

In recent weeks, the PlayStation house had in fact released a new surprise update , presumably preparing to leave the consoles behind to focus exclusively on next-gen consoles with DualSense ( you can buy the controller in different colors on Amazon ).

The latest updates had in fact reported that it has now become impossible to create new accounts on PS3 and PS Vita , thus effectively limiting the use of older generation platforms.

But even for those who wanted to continue using them at the same time for the transfer of content and games , he received bad news: Sony has in fact confirmed that it has disabled this function.

In the official support page , the company has in fact pointed out that the compatibility between the two consoles for data transfer is no longer usable starting from the last update:

However, Sony reiterated that this change will not currently entail any changes for PlayStation Plus subscribers, who will be able to continue downloading free games from their respective consoles.

As for the actual access, it has been confirmed that to use your account on PS3 and PS Vita you will need to use and set a device configuration password , following the instructions available at this address .

Instead, it will be possible to create new real accounts only and exclusively via browser and mobile : yet another hard blow for the fans of these historic consoles, now ever closer to the final end of life.

Considering that unexplained problems are occurring more and more often, such as the inability to use the PS1 classics on PS Vita , it is likely that many fans will not accept these novelties.

It seems now clear that Sony has decided to focus its efforts on the new PlayStation Plus, offering compatibility with PS3 games as well: unfortunately, in some cases it will not be possible to access all the contents .

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