Pokémon GO may have gone out of style, but it still generates a lot of money

Pokémon GO may have gone out of style, but it still generates a lot of money

These are no longer the glory years of Pokémon GO for sure but, like so many other video games in the genre, the title of Niantic has continued to be profitable for the company (and The Pokémon Company ).

The app that for years made so many people into budding trainers, ready to throw Poké Balls ( like this one), has been a pop culture phenomenon.

Pokémon GO has continued to update with many new events , and of course Pokémon, on a regular basis for all these years.

All, of course, waiting for the new regular games of the saga, of which we finally know the release date .

Pokémon GO is perfectly playable without spending a penny but, as happens in video games like this, there are many ways to spend money through microtransactions.

And many have done so because, as VentureBeat reports , Niantic ‘s stock for the mobile market has generated a truly impressive global amount of money .

According to Sensor Tower research , Pokémon GO ‘s earnings exceeded $ 6 billion . This is the total amount spent by players through the App Store and Google Play .

The title has generated an average of $ 1 billion annually since its launch in July 2016. Pokémon GO finished seventh in the ranking of the most profitable games of 2021, with $ 1.3 billion.

This year , Pokémon GO dropped to number eleven, after many years of release, with a gross of $ 198.2 million .

It undoubtedly remains one of the most successful mobile video games ever, also and above all for the support of such an impressive franchise as that of Pokémon .

Over the years, many others have certainly arrived. Like Genshin Impact , who is grinding equally impressive gains with some speed .

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