Pokémon GO has bad news for owners of Android devices

Pokémon GO has bad news for owners of Android devices

Pokémon GO is the famous augmented reality title dedicated to the most famous collectible monsters of all time, although now a not too pleasant news has arrived for Android device owners .

After the success of games such as Pokémon Shining Diamond (which you can also find on Amazon at a great price), the Niantic title has regained its share, as many users have decided to replay the world-famous mobile title.

Bringing Pokémon Go back to post-pandemic conditions was in fact a priority, thus satisfying the demand of players all over the world.

Now, however, as also reported by Game Rant colleagues , it seems that all users in possession of an Android 6 smartphone will have to update.

Pokémon GO is in fact about to end support for devices with Android 6 software immediately after the release of a new update for the game .

With the release of the latest update – version 241 – the game will no longer be supported by phones that still use the old operating system.

All players will need to update (if possible) their devices to Android 7 to continue playing.

The reason for this change is simple: Niantic wants to streamline the process for new updates , which will have to accommodate “the latest operating systems and technologies” .

The developer also shared a helpful guide on how users can update their devices to the required operating system.

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As for the monsters in general, have you seen the Game Boy Color version of the now famous Lechonk, really hilarious ?

But not only that: a few days ago we were able to admire the starters of Scarlet and Violet , a reveal that has certainly struck all fans of the franchise for the most disparate reasons.


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