PlayStation VR 2, Sony unveils the new features and they are really next-gen

PlayStation VR 2, Sony unveils the new features and they are really next-gen


PlayStation VR 2 is still in the pits, to use a bold metaphor, but Sony has recently shown the new potential of the new generation of virtual reality .

On the other hand, the previous generation (which you can now find at a low price on Amazon ) was an excellent attempt to create a VR station at a budget price.

With PlayStation VR 2 it seems that Sony wants to do things bigger , because at the launch of the new headset there will be as many as 20 exclusive video games .

Among these Horizon: Call of the Mountain , a spin-off of the Guerrilla saga that really seems to want to raise the bar for VR productions.

Just today, Sony has published a new post on the official PlayStation blog , revealing a series of news regarding VR 2.

” The road to the launch of PlayStation VR 2 is in full swing ,” says Sony, just before starting to show all the new features that will be introduced with the headset.

The first is the See-Through View with which, as the name suggests in English, you will have the opportunity to look around without removing the viewer.

Thanks to the PS VR2’s built-in front cameras, users can press the function button on the headset or use the tab in the Control Center to switch between viewing their surroundings and viewing content on PS VR2.

Then, by connecting a PS5 HD Camera it is also possible to record yourself while playing, perhaps to create clips or videos of yourself while you play.

With PlayStation VR 2 it will also be possible to create a custom play area.

The cameras will allow you to scan the room , while the PS VR2 Sense controllers will be able to further expand and customize the play area to suit the play style and environment of the room.

Finally, the new headset will have two viewing modes called VR Mode and Cinematic Mode .

In VR Mode, players will be able to enjoy a 360-degree view , and the content will be displayed in HDR video format 4000 x 2040 (2000 x 2040 per eye) with a frame rate of 90 Hz / 120 Hz.

Cinematic, gamers can view the PS5 system and user interface and all non-VR games and media on a virtual cinema screen. The contents will be displayed in 1920 × 1080 HDR format with frame rates of 24/60 Hz and even 120 Hz .

It seems that PlayStation VR 2 will be a clear leap compared to the past, and if the best games on this platform really arrive it will be really great hardware.

It’s missing less and less with the arrival of the new generation of PlayStation virtual reality, just as a journalist had predicted.

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