PlayStation Store sold a PS1 classic for … $ 10,000

PlayStation Store sold a PS1 classic for … $ 10,000

With the launch of the new PS Plus in the United States, some of the greatest PS1 classics have also arrived on the PlayStation Store , which in certain cases can also be purchased separately and without the need for a subscription.

One of the most popular classics available in the catalog is certainly Tekken 2 , the second episode of the popular fighting game saga (you can buy Tekken 7 in a bundle for only 20 euros on Amazon ), but offered at a decidedly unexpected price.

Although technically currently planned exclusively on PlayStation Plus Premium, during the first hours of launch, users reported a very special event: Tekken 2 was in fact offered for sale for about 10 thousand dollars.

Although it is a masterpiece still appreciated today by the community of the famous Bandai Namco fighting franchise, the price seems decidedly out of reach and has sparked an understandable hilarity among many fans.

Considering that the normal price proposed for a PS1 game is in fact of 9.99 dollars , it is plausible to imagine that there was an error in typing the price, which has thus come to cost a good 9999 dollars in total.

The mistake did not go unnoticed even by Katsuhiro Harada , the famous director and producer of the series, who commented on the curious mistake with a funny comment in which he ” compliments ” Sony:

Fortunately, it seems that in the meantime PlayStation Store has noticed the error: currently it is no longer possible to buy it, but it is simply reported that the fighting game is included for free in the new PS Plus.


We naturally hope that no player has decided to spend that amount on Tekken 2 : while it is certainly an ideal fighting game for nostalgic fans, it is a sum of money that would be better invested in other products.

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