PlayStation Plus offers you free Intergrade from now, even for those who have already purchased FFVII Remake

PlayStation Plus offers you free Intergrade from now, even for those who have already purchased FFVII Remake

The launch of the new free games on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium proved to be particularly confusing for fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake , who have encountered many problems in being able to download the related Intergrade version available on PS5.

After having previously proposed the first Final Fantasy VII Remake in the previous subscription , a few days ago Intergrade was officially added to the catalog of free games, as long as you are naturally subscribed to Premium or Extra (you can subscribe by purchasing a gift card on Amazon ).

It is in fact one of the 18 free games made available only a few days , but for which users in recent days had reported numerous problems for the download .

Due to a licensing issue , players who had already purchased – or redeemed previously on PlayStation Plus – the original version of Final Fantasy VII Remake were unable to access the Intergrade version : fortunately, the problem seems to have finally been resolved.

PlayStation Store and Plus prevented the download of the updated full version, since they recognized that, technically, the only DLC Intermission was missing . Which, however, has never been offered separately on the subscription service.

The result was that many fans were unable to download a free game to which they were fully entitled , simply due to a particularly problematic issue of licenses to solve.

As reported by Push Square , following the reports of users Sony and Square Enix have set to work to be able to fix everything: from this moment , users should no longer encounter any problems in the download of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade .

In fact, by proceeding to the official product page and logging in with your account registered on PlayStation Plus, you will now have the possibility to add the title to your collection : previously, it was reported simply as ” not available “.

A story that is very reminiscent of what happened previously with the basic edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake , proposed on PS Plus but whose PS5 upgrade only became free after several months .

Fortunately, in this case the problem was solved much sooner than the fans could foresee: we just have to wish you a lot of fun and a good download on PS5.


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