PlayStation bets everything on TV and cinema: there are 10 other projects (and more!)

PlayStation bets everything on TV and cinema: there are 10 other projects (and more!)

PlayStation is working hard to make its IPs known outside the gaming sphere, and is working on it a lot more than it seems.

The Uncharted saga was the last to arrive in the cinema, a combination that binds well with the action nature of the video game (which you can find on Amazon ).

And it will certainly not be the only one, even considering the commitment to the creation of the PlayStation Productions label (whose animation hides a secret! ).

Just a few hours ago, just to give an example, the company confirmed the production of TV series dedicated to God of War Ragnarok , Horizon Forbidden West and even Gran Turismo .

But that’s not all, not at all.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter , Tony Vinciquerra (CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment) unveiled the company’s future commitment in the field of multimedia production.

Regarding the intellectual properties of PlayStation, Vinciquerra has revealed that there are many projects already in development based on video games.

In addition to those mentioned, we already know that there will be shows on Twisted Metal and Ghost of Tsushima , and of course The Last of Us produced by HBO.

If that’s not enough, Vinciquerra has revealed that there are over ten projects in development dedicated to PlayStation IPs.

The Japanese firm has serious intentions to build on the legacy of the many sagas it has created, with various TV series and films being declared “in various stages of development” at the moment.

Next year could be the good one to finally see The Last of Us with Pedro Pascal. There is indeed some good news for the release date .

After the announcement this morning, meanwhile, fans are already doing their toto-actors regarding the casting of Aloy , in the show dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn .

As for the world of video games, however, PlayStation Studios wants to expand its IPs, aiming to create many more successful ones in the years to come.

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