The player found a secret room in Diablo Immortal. But it’s not a church

The player found a secret room in Diablo Immortal. But it’s not a church

The profile media reported that in the popular and controversial Diablo Immortal on PC, players discovered a secret room. And no, it’s not a mod, as is the case with NieR: Automata. The user under the nickname Mayfe1337 told about the find.

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According to him, he streamed the game through the chat window in Discord. The hero at that time was in Westmarch, and at some point the game crashed, which allowed the character to go beyond the map and get into a secret location. It resembles a clothing store or a tavern, well lit and detailed.

Apparently, this place is located behind the armory, next to the forge, this was determined by the mini-map. The gamer believes that this is a preparation for one of the future updates. Perhaps there will be a store or something similar. On the other hand, this location may be a remnant of the alpha version of Diablo Immortal, which remained after all the changes.

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