Papers, Please Coming to iOS and Android on August 5th

Papers, Please Coming to iOS and Android on August 5th

The popular indie game Papers, Please will be released on iOS and Android mobile platforms on August 5, 2022. This was told by the developer of the original game Lucas Pope (Lucas Pope). He also answered some questions about the mobile version of the game.

The principles of the game and its essence will not change, only the interface will be adapted to mobile platforms. You can only play in portrait mode. At the same time, Pope said that the game was not tested on folding smartphones, like the Galaxy Fold. The author jokingly stated that he was sure that the game would “break in some charming way” on such devices.

Papers, Please Coming to iOS and Android on August 5th
Also, another change is overtime for the hero of the game – he receives them if he is late after 18:00. Otherwise, there are no differences from the existing versions.

Note that owners of the iPad version of Papers, Please will get it for iPhone for free. And earlier, based on the game, a real short film was shot. You can read our impressions of it here .

The game itself tells about an employee of the checkpoint of the migration service of the fictional state of Arstotzka. It must allow or prohibit the entry of immigrants into the country.
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