Overwatch 2 will not follow Diablo Immortal’s example: Blizzard guarantees

Overwatch 2 will not follow Diablo Immortal’s example: Blizzard guarantees

A recent survey launched by Blizzard for the Overwatch 2 community has sparked no small concern and clamor, especially regarding the microtransactions that will accompany the release of the new free-to-play chapter.

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The developers have in fact decided to abandon the model that made the first historical chapter of Overwatch famous ( you can find many themed products on Amazon ), abandoning the loot boxes and relying on the most famous battle pass and paid skins.

However, the latest Blizzard poll revealed that some skins could have reached staggering figures: a discovery that caused inevitable comparisons with Diablo Immortal, the free-to-play spin-off protagonist of numerous controversies for the microtransactions that are by cashing in record figures.

The survey in question asked users if they were willing to spend up to $ 45 for the rarest skins in the game: a figure definitely out of reach according to many players, especially when compared to other products belonging to the same genre.

Blizzard itself seems to have received the huge negative reaction of the community: in a note sent to the editorial staff of IGN.com , a spokesperson has in fact reassured that those will not be the definitive figures implemented in the game.

“This survey is totally intended to better understand player preferences on the different types of cosmetic items in Overwatch 2 .

The prices shown in the survey were randomized based on users and are not indicative of the final figures ».

In other words, it seems that Blizzard wants to reassure its players that the skins will not actually cost $ 45 each, but that the team is still working on what is the best compromise to allow the necessary gains.

Statements that therefore seem to want to distance themselves from operations such as Diablo Immortal , where record figures may be necessary to be able to enhance the characters to the maximum.

The spokesperson also revealed that it will be possible to find out more details on how the shop and the battle pass system will work on a date close to 4 October , the day in which the game will be officially launched.

Curiously, Blizzard’s games have not been the only ones affected by the controversy over microtransactions in the last few hours: even the recent MultiVersus has in fact suffered a lot of criticism for the price of its cosmetic contents, with the full game that can cost over $ 255.

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