Official: Sony is not working on a new in Famous

Official: Sony is not working on a new in Famous

Studio Sucker Punch has officially confirmed that neither it nor other Sony studios are working on games for the inFamous and Sly Cooper franchises. Moreover, now she has no plans to return to these series.

It is not yet known what Sucker Punch is currently working on. Apparently, the studio has decided to focus on a sequel to the successful Ghost of Tsushima . Perhaps she plans to do a whole trilogy.

Official: Sony is not working on a new inFamous
Rumors about new inFamous and Sly Cooper parts have been circulating since last year. For the first time, insider Nick Baker spoke about the games. In addition, Sucker Punch updated the infamousthegame domain, and a reference to Sly Cooper was found in the PS5 ad.

The last part of inFamous, subtitled Second Son , was released in 2014. The project received an 80 out of 100 on Metacritic.

Sony previously announced a PC version of the Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster .
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