Obsidian rejoices in anticipation of the Xbox Showcase

Obsidian rejoices in anticipation of the Xbox Showcase

There are still a few days left for the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase and the air, as you can imagine, is particularly crisp around the Redmond giant. We are all waiting to find out which games in the Microsoft line-up will find their release date, for example, and are eager to discover some titles that may resurface after some time spent in silence.

This is also the case with Avowed , for example: the role-playing game signed by Obsidian – the masters of the genre, today under the aegis of Xbox Game Studios – has in fact been in the shadows for some time, but the upcoming conference could be there. opportunity to see him in action again.

The hook was launched by Josh Sawyer , famous designer, author and director at Obsidian, where he has signed works such as Pillars of Eternity (find the second on Amazon ) and Fallout: New Vegas . Sharing the announcement of the conference on his Twitter profile , the author commented with an emoji that suggests that he is preparing for the event, showing himself decidedly impatient and gloating for the appointment.

But be careful, because it is not certain that it is Avowed . We know that, in addition to this title, Obsidian is certainly also working on The Outer Worlds 2 , but not only: persistent rumors last year had suggested that Sawyer could actually be working on a third project , which according to what has been leaked should be an investigative title with role-playing mechanics .

Who knows that the Xbox conference is therefore an opportunity to find out if these rumors will be confirmed or not. If not, even having news for Avowed or The Outer Worlds 2 wouldn’t be bad at all.


We remind you that you can consult the complete calendar of all the upcoming conferences for this hot videogame summer by taking a look at our dedicated in-depth study . At the moment, the most recent most important news from the Xbox world was that of the postponement to 2023 of Redfall and especially of Starfield , so we will see if this year’s queue will find new appointments during the conference.

New releases from Microsoft would also be very interesting for players on Xbox Game Pass: there have been discussions recently, with some foreign colleagues complaining about the absence of AAA weight in a constant way – which has sparked a debate on the ‘subscribe and then end up ignoring,

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