Nintendo Switch, you can try one of the most anticipated games for free, from now on

Nintendo Switch, you can try one of the most anticipated games for free, from now on

This is an interesting time for Nintendo Switch , as there are so many interesting video games coming up, including one that you can try g ratis.

The hybrid console, which you can buy on Amazon , will give Nintendo fans a lot to do again in 2022, with a very dense list of releases.

One of these has even been anticipated, in a more unique than rare case, because Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released even earlier than expected .

And if the news is not enough, there are discounts on Nintendo eShop, with the Super Sale having a huge list of discounted video games .


In fact, a few weeks after its release, it will be possible to try one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games for free.

This is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes , the musou inspired by the latest chapter of the very successful strategy saga for Nintendo consoles.

From today the first demo of the game is available, obviously free , whose saves can be imported into the full version of the game, if you want to buy it.

The demo is accessible through the official Nintendo website , and obviously on eShop through your consoles for direct download .

In the demo, they take on the role of a lone mercenary in search of answers, after suffering a brutal defeat at the hands of the mysterious demon Ashen.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses was presented during one of the last Nintendo Direct, and will be released definitively on Nintendo Switch on June 24th .


If you want to pre -order it, we advise you to do so, as always, following our guide for the best purchase solution .

Speaking of Nintendo releases, the new Mario Strikers will be available in two days , of which you can find our freshly published review.

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