Nintendo Switch, update 14.1.2 available: here’s what changes

Nintendo Switch, update 14.1.2 available: here’s what changes

From this moment it is possible to download the update 14.1.2 on the Nintendo Switch : in the past few hours the Kyoto house has in fact released a new corrective patch.

The patch is available as usual on all models of the hybrid console family, including of course also Switch OLED ( which you can buy on offer on Amazon ) and will serve to improve some hidden features of the console.

The new console update was therefore launched almost two months after the last firmware version , but we immediately signal to all users not to expect big news, since it is exclusively a corrective patch.

In fact, the official changelog only refers to ” general system stability improvements to improve the user experience “, a term that Nintendo fans are now quite accustomed to.

The dataminer OatmealDome, however, wanted to thoroughly analyze the latest patch for Nintendo Switch, thus revealing to all users what will actually change after installing patch 14.1.2 (via Nintendo Life ).

It seems that the patch has in fact applied corrections to some components of the operating system , as well as having added a new term such as bad word not allowed in the appropriate internal vocabulary:

These are therefore simple internal changes that, in all likelihood, will remain unnoticed for most players but which will ensure stable performance for the console.

Update 14.1.2 is now available for download: all you have to do is go to the settings menu, select the ” System ” category and then search for the new update using the appropriate option.


We take this opportunity to remind you that thanks to Nintendo Switch Online you can try one of the most popular indie RPGs of recent years for free for the whole week .

Speaking of free trials, don’t forget to also download the demo of one of the most anticipated Switch exclusives : you can also import the saves in the full version of the game, as soon as it becomes available.

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