Nintendo eShop says goodbye to two historical consoles here are all the news

Nintendo eShop says goodbye to two historical consoles: here are all the news

The closure of Nintendo eShop for 3DS and Wii U is now imminent: the Kyoto house has in fact communicated in these hours that it has started preparations for an operation long awaited and feared by fans of the two historic consoles.

After the great success achieved by Nintendo Switch (you can book the Splatoon 3 special edition OLED model on Amazon ), support for portable and home console predecessors has in fact now been discontinued, thus deeming it no longer necessary to continue to keep alive the possibility of make purchases.

The big N had already announced the imminent closure of the shops for these two platforms , revealing in these hours on its official pages what all this will mean for users who still use them.

In addition to representing a huge loss for gaming preservation, as well over 1000 games will disappear forever , there will be some changes that users will need to consider, along with some specific dates.

Nintendo has in fact warned users that starting from 29 August it will no longer be possible to use eShop cards to add funds to their account, after having previously removed the possibility of associating credit cards. However, if you have shared the funds on your Network ID you will still be able to use the money in the virtual wallet on all consoles, including of course Switch.

This provision, however, will not affect the download codes sold digitally for specific games, which will continue to be purchasable by selected retailers and redeemable until the second half of 2023 : it will in fact be at the end of next year that most of the services will be officially deactivated.

Furthermore, the total closure of purchases, which will take place from March 27, 2023 , will also prevent microtransactions on specific games, thus removing access to specific DLCs and passes on both consoles.

However, those who have already purchased certain games will be able to continue to sleep peacefully: Nintendo has in fact guaranteed that even after the end of 2023 it will be possible to use eShop to download all the titles in our possession.

Obviously, this operation assumes that problems never occur on their respective digital stores: the Wii and DSi shops have only recently returned online , after being inaccessible for so many months that an early closure is suspected .

Although the closure of eShops certainly does not represent recent news, there are those who do not want to abandon 3DS to their fate: a new game has been announced to be released on the portable console .

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