Thymesia, the next-gen soulslike inspired by Bloodborne, postponed (slightly)

Thymes, the next-gen souls inspired by Bloodborne, postponed (slightly)

We told you some time ago about the intriguing ambitions of Thymesia, a video game arriving during this hot summer that proposes itself as a new exponent of thesouls likee worl , drawing clear inspiration from the Bloodborne masterpiec .

Our Domenico Musicò had taken him into analysis very closely, telling you about his examination and his thoughts in an in-depth study dedicated to the game – in which he wondered if Thymesia could or not fill the void left in the hearts of the fans by the absence, at least until to date, a sequel to Bloodborne.

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To find out the definitive answer to this question, however, we will have to wait a few days longer than expecte , because the publisher Team17 has confirmed a small delay for Thymesi .

Initially expected on August 9th, the game will be released on August 18th – a few days later.

When the delay is so small, the reasons are usually logistical and perhaps linked to the approval of the publication of the titleinn the stores. However, the developers of OverBorder Studio have stated that this time – however short – will be enough to fix some issues that had been reported by players after they had measured themselves with the demo on Steam.

As explained by the authors:

Thymesia, the next-gen soulslike inspired by Bloodborne, postponed (slightly)
Thymes, the next-gen souls like inspired by Bloodborne, postponed (slightly)

«After listening to the community feedback from the recent Steam demo, we made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of Thymesia by a few day, for August 18th.

We are 100% focused on making Thymesia the best experience possible and those few extra days allow us to do so, implementing the changes and fixes that were requested of us, on all platforms.

We appreciate all the support and love you have shown so far for Thymesia and look forward to seeing you as Corvus next month »!

The 18th of August, therefore, will be the day which we will be able to get our hands on this souls likee that, we remember, is conceived as a next-gen experienc .

We at SpazioGames will follow him very closely to tell you what to expect from this new nightmare designed for the palate of gamers who are not afraid of challenges: will the thirst of a Bloodborne heir be paid?

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