New PlayStation Plus, some streaming PS3 games are “incomplete”

New PlayStation Plus, some streaming PS3 games are “incomplete”

Every day we are learning important details about the actual features coming to the new PlayStation Plus and the related membership tiers, especially dedicated to the large catalog of free , new and classic games .

One of the most intriguing news is in fact that of being able to use PS5 and DualSense ( you can buy the controller in different colors on Amazon ) even with the most popular classics available on previous generations, among which PS3 emerges in particular .

A feature that has however sparked several controversies on the net , given that the games will only be available in streaming and not emulated: due to this feature, Sony has also confirmed further bad news in these hours.

The company has indeed confirmed that all PS3 games available on the new PlayStation Plus will not be compatible with DLCs : consequently, some titles will remain ” incomplete ” (via VGC ).

This is a flaw that many longtime fans will remember, as PlayStation Now also had the exact same compatibility issue for streaming titles.

Unfortunately, it appears that the new PlayStation Plus has failed to improve the situation: players will therefore not be able to have access to the DLC for a certain selection of games.

If in the case of exclusively cosmetic content their lack could be considered a necessary sacrifice, fans will likely have different opinions in the case of titles that expand single player experiences or that add content : for example, among titles already confirmed for launch, Asura’s Wrath and Enslaved Odyssey to the West DLCs expanded the campaign , while those for both Motorstorms allowed access to new tracks and vehicles.

This limit is present not only for the entire lineup of PS3 games, but on any game fans will choose to use in streaming : certainly bad news for those who hoped to be able to enjoy the full experience of some productions on the latest generation consoles.

It would seem that the only possible solution is to allow direct emulation of PS3 games on consoles: according to what was reported by a well-known journalist, perhaps Sony would already be working to please the fans .

The creation of a preservation team had ignited the enthusiasm of fans in recent weeks: unfortunately, however, there would be bad news on the PS3 side, since the efforts will be dedicated only to archiving the games .

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