A new PlayStation exclusive will soon also be available on PC

A new PlayStation exclusive will soon also be available on PC

Change of program for a battle survival announced during last year: the developers have in fact announced in these hours that Deathverse Let it Die will no longer be simply an exclusive PS5 and PS4 , but will also be released on PC.

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The crazy title developed by GungHo Online was originally supposed to come out only on consoles but has had a particularly troubled development: originally scheduled for the spring of 2022, it has in fact been postponed to a later date , while maintaining the current year as the final window.

The title was announced during a State of Play held last year and will incentivize players to fight against other users in insane hand-to -hand PvPvE combat.

It is currently unclear whether Sony will decide to include the title on PlayStation Plus or not (you can renew your membership by purchasing a gift card on Amazon ), but it seems that now PC users will not be excluded from multiplayer fun.

As reported by GameSpot , the announcement of the double release on PlayStation and PC consoles has arrived only in these hours , although it is not yet completely clear what the official launch date will be.

In fact, a generic 2022 is currently registered as a launch window , thus suggesting that the launch could be expected by the end of the year: pending further details, however, it is difficult to know for sure if it will be confirmed or if there will be a possible postponement.

During May and June it was possible to preview the title for a few days thanks to a special dedicated open beta : development is therefore proceeding regularly and soon we should be able to find out more details about this curious battle royale.

Pending further information, it is worth reminding fans that Deathverse Let It Die will still remain, at least for the moment, an exclusive PlayStation console: it is not yet clear if the launch on PC will take place simultaneously but, considering that it is of a title devoted to multiplayer, the hypothesis seems very likely.

The hope is that many players will be able to buy a PS5 before the release of this ambitious title: fortunately, there seems to be good news in sight for future stocks .

In the meantime, we take this opportunity to remind you that the new free PlayStation Plus games are already available : we recommend that you redeem them as soon as possible.

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