New Nintendo Direct announced, and it’s forthcoming

New Nintendo Direct announced, and it’s forthcoming

Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase will air tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th .

The live broadcast will start at 3 pm Italian time , while the duration will be about 25 minutes , focusing on the next releases of the third parties .

The event will therefore not be entirely dedicated to a single game as happened for the Direct a few days ago , centered on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 .

In addition to the Nintendo Italia YouTube channel , the presentation will also be available on the Nintendo Direct website. At the moment , the list of games that could be shown for the occasion has not been disclosed .

There are many who hope that among the games that will finally appear there may also be Bayonetta 3 , the highly anticipated action developed PlatinumGames of which traces have long been lost.

So, appointment on these same pages tomorrow afternoon, since we at SpazioGames will obviously follow the event live , updating you on all – absolutely all – the news that will be shown during this promising Direct.

In the meantime, let’s see which are the best Switch games for less than 5 euros to flesh out during these summer weekends, armed with the Nintendo console.

But not only that: Nintendo’s subscription service, or Switch Online, has its criticalities, one of which was highlighted by Reggie Fils-Aimé .

After all, Switch Online continues to update itself constantly, providing players with new free games and improving existing ones .

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