Netflix is ​​preparing several mobile games based on its series

Netflix is ​​preparing several mobile games based on its series

Streaming service Netflix is ​​set to release new mobile games this year inspired by hit shows Paper House and The Queen’s Move. This approach will allow you to expand the list of branded mobile games in your store. Note that on the last day of its Geeked Week 2022 event, the streaming service announced the release of nine mobile games this year.

The Queen’s Turn game is classic chess with lessons, multiplayer mode, matches, and so on. The release of mobile, according to Netflix, will make it even more popular.

The Paper House project tells about the robbery of a billionaire’s casino in Monaco. It will only have a single user mode.

In addition, projects based on the reality shows “Test of Seduction” and “Shadow and Bone” are expected. There are no details about them yet.

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