Another nerf is coming to Multiversus, thank goodness

Another nerf is coming to Multiversus, thank goodness

Originally it was Taz, the Tasmanian devil we’ve all come to know from the Looney Tunes: his presence in Multiversus, the roster-based fighting game that includes tons of stars from the Warner Bros. worlds, had driven fans crazy – not in the positive sense – because of its unstoppable spinning attack.

Then it was Bugs Bunny’s turn. The iconic carrot-eater of the cartoon turned out to be a very powerful character, to the point that the game’s developers immediately intervened to confirm that an update was coming that would make him a little more balanced. And, while we’re waiting for the patch to make Bugs Bunny a little more harmless, now it’s Finn’s turn.

The character of Adventure Time, as the beta of the game continues, has become the new crazy subject of discussion of the fanbase, because some of his attacks are simply unstoppable and many players select him just hoping to take advantage of these and defeat everyone.

The power of Finn is such that, beyond the memes that are depopulating on the web, the director of the game has already confirmed that a nerf will soon arrive for him too.

Asked by players on Twitter, who asked him if it was legitimate to expect an update that would rebalance Finn a bit, director Tony Huynh commented by simply letting it know “yes”.

We, therefore, do not know when this update will arrive, but previously – for the Bugs Bunny-themed one – the development team had postponed the period following the upcoming EVO, which will be held from 5 to 7 August. Let’s expect, therefore, that there will be some news from next week onwards, even if we do not know if the two nerfs could be applied at the same time with a single patch.

For now, however, we know that we are all positively surprised by Multiverses. The game signed by Warner pointed out as a clone of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which you can find on Amazon ), is actually proving to be rich and very fun, to the point that there are numerous players who have already joined his fight in open beta.

With the proper balances, in short, they could continue to have fun for quite a while – provided someone else does not take up the legacy of Taz, Bugs, and Finn, proving to be a little too strong compared to the rest of the roster.

You can try Multiversus for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you want to discover the game more closely, we recommend that you compare yourself with our analysis of the game, by the veteran of the genre, Francesco Corica.

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