Need For Speed ​​in Unreal Engine 5 is the racing fans deserve

Need For Speed ​​in Unreal Engine 5 is the racing fans deserve

The Need For Speed ​​saga is one that arcade racing game enthusiasts have never truly forgotten.

It is also true that the latest iterations of the franchise have never managed to conquer the public , so much so that not even the release of a film (which you can find on Amazon ) has raised the fortunes of the series.

From what we know, one of the projects related to the franchise is an open world , however, foreseen only and exclusively on mobile , as well as unfortunately being a low budget title.

If the news that a chapter of NfS for next-gen platforms has sent fans into ecstasy , a fan project in Unreal Engine 5 thinks to deceive the wait .

The now famous and very good TeaserPlay has in fact given life to another of his amazing creations in UE5, creating the concept trailer of Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted 2 .

The project, absolutely non-profit and made for demonstration purposes, shows a Need For Speed ​​made with the power of Epic’s graphics engine.

The video, which you find just below, is really surprising both for the performance of the tracks and for the cars themselves ( full of details and realistic reflections ).

We remind you that at the moment it has not yet been announced what will be the next NfS to officially see the light in the coming months, presumably in the works for current-gen consoles and PCs : we are obviously waiting for an official announcement.


But that’s not all: Need for Speed ​​3 Hot Pursuit is also one of the best chapters of the Need for Speed ​​racing series , if not the best ever, in any case it has been recently recreated in Unreal Engine 5 .

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