Multiplayer added to Dune strategy

Multiplayer added to Dune strategy


Dune: Spice Wars , a 4X strategy game set in the Dune universe , which is currently in Steam Early Access, has received its first major update.

The main innovation of the patch was a multiplayer for 4 players with battles in the formats “2 vs 2” and “every man for himself”. In online mode, you can customize the victory conditions, map size, sandworms, storms and more.

In addition to multiplayer, the authors have reworked each development tree, paying special attention to the interaction between factions, added new political decisions, events, regions, and a number of other improvements.
Previously, the first gameplay of a city-building simulator with elements of survival Aquatico , similar to a mixture of Subnautica and Cities: Skylines , appeared .

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