Monster Hunter, the leak on the next chapter could be false

Monster Hunter, the leak on the next chapter could be false


While the latest installment has depopulated on Switch and PC, Monster Hunter fans are waiting to know when a new cross-platform episode will arrive.

While the last chapter has been updated with the massive Sunbreak expansion , which you can find on Amazon , bringing players back to Nintendo Switch and PC.

An expansion defined as “massive” by Capcom and, as we told you in our review , it is a definition that fits perfectly for the amount of content.

And, recently, it seemed that some had discovered the name of the new episode of Monster Hunter , according to some information .

Some users would have discovered some placeholder files that would allow them to receive a free code related to the new chapter of the Capcom saga.

The game in question would be called Monster Hunter Paradise, it should be a sequel to World coming out on PlayStation, Xbox and PC .

But, as VG247 reports , the author of the original leak has retracted by modifying his statements.

The user has shown that the name of the mysterious game has been changed to “Placeholder Name” , which is the title that is given to each future project on the Discord backend for unannounced games.

So Monster Hunter Paradise is not the name of the next game in the saga.

The #MonsterHunter fan on the Discord dev team got busted for making up a MH name as a placeholder so they had to change it.

Seriously though, I dunno why so many people fell for thinking Discord of all places would have such advanced knowledge. Was a good laugh though.

– Kogath #Sunbreak (@MHKogath) July 24, 2022

It would actually be a name invented by a Discord developer , as it wouldn’t make sense for Capcom to include the name of a project announced so clearly in the backend of a third-party service.

We therefore wait to know what will become of the videogame future of the saga. A world so loved that the monsters of the Capcom game are used in Japan to explain road safety regulations .

A video game loved and used in many ways, which has conquered many players over the years, and which has also expanded outside the world of video games, even with an animated film .

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