Missing Jak and Daxter? A fan found a way to pay homage to them

Missing Jak and Daxter? A fan found a way to pay homage to them

Jak and Daxter is one of the sagas parked by Naughty Dog since time immemorial, but that fans have never really forgotten

The dynamic duo has in fact been absent for many years, although fans remember with particular affection the first Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy (which you can find on Amazon in the trilogy).

It is also true that Naughty Dog have also decided to celebrate their first 20 years , which proves that no one has really forgotten them.

After all, only a few weeks ago it was announced that Jak and Daxter will return, but to the cinema, thanks to the director of Uncharted , although now a fan has really gone further .

As reported by The Gamer , a Reddit user has recreated the Power Cell and the Precursor Orb taken from the Jak and Daxter series .

“As a video game fan I have decided to design and 3D print the Precursor Orb and Power Cell ,” wrote user ‘PrivatePolygon’.

Both models were made in plastic resin and then painted with different metallic and transparent paints. The final effect is that of an ancient metal-based artifact , as if it were coming from another dimension.

Asking Naughty Dog to make a new chapter in the series also passes through creations like these: at the moment, unfortunately, it does not seem that Jak and his partner will be back on the scene anytime soon.7

Any Jak & Daxter fans out there?? from gaming

However, director Neil Druckmann stated that the studio has ‘several projects’ underway, so much so that one of them could very well be Jak 4 .

We just have to wait for good news in this sense, while admiring all the beautiful creations of the fans .

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