Metroid Prime 4 was announced exactly 5 years ago, what happened to it?

Metroid Prime 4 was announced exactly 5 years ago, what happened to it?

Nintendo Switch has had a life full of titles , with so many great value games coming to the console, but one is missing: Metroid Prime 4 .

The taste of Metroid Dread , also in a special edition on Amazon , was certainly enough for fans of the bounty hunter to pass the wait.

There is so much anticipation for Metroid Prime 4 that fans are creating their own next-gen version of the first episode of the trilogy, so to speak.

It did not help the total reset of the project, which took place three years ago , in which the title had to start the development process all over again.

On January 25, 2019 , in fact, the senior managing executive officer of Nintendo, Shinya Takahashi, updated us on the development of the game , bringing as you know some unpleasant news.

Due to Nintendo’s goal of creating high quality products, evidently not achieved by what was at the time production, Metroid Prime 4 was canceled and restarted , entrusting the work to Retro Studios.

And it’s been five years since the title was announced, with just one logo giving us hope to see Samus Aran return in three dimensions.

It was the year 2017 , in an E3 in which Nintendo had attended with one of its usual Direct. The year of release of Switch for another, in full frenzy for the arrival of the hybrid console.


Total silence since then , and only a handful of rumors from Retro Studios regarding the likely development. A new official image even appeared a few months ago . A sign that, in one way or another, the works are moving forward.

Although, on other occasions, conflicting reports have arrived regarding the game’s development process. The ugly ones aren’t too comforting .

Let’s hope that this year something can finally move. Could there be a Nintendo Direct on the horizon.

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