Metro 2033 made a fan-made short film

Metro 2033 made a fan-made short film

A group of enthusiasts filmed and published on YouTube an amateur short film based on the post-apocalyptic universe of Metro 2033 called “BUNKER 2033”. According to the authors, the film was shot on pure enthusiasm – no one financed it. The team plans to have several more short films of 5-10 minutes each based on other Metro 2033 books.

The events of the film take place 20 years after a nuclear war, when, due to mutants and radiation, people are forced to hide in bunkers and subways.


Earlier, the modder started work on a remastered version of the Agroprom Dungeon location from STALKER . Also, screenshots of a global mod appeared on the network , which will transfer the entire zone from the first Stalker to the DayZ survival game .
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