Metal Gear Solid V, the prologue has a secret dialogue that has remained hidden for years

Metal Gear Solid V, the prologue has a secret dialogue that has remained hidden for years

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is the latest regular chapter in the saga created by Hideo Kojima , although the game was also preceded by a standalone prologue called Ground Zeroes .

The Kojima series (which you can find on Amazon in an excellent compilation) has in fact been stranded for several years now, although fans continue to find goodies and curiosities.

In fact, if in the last few days we have returned to talk about the remake of Metal Gear Solid , now we return to talk about the prologue of the fifth episode.

In fact, between one nuclear disarmament and another , a fan has discovered a secret dialogue present in the game, which has remained hidden for all these years.

Many years after the game’s release, a dialogue that has remained hidden to this day in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes has rekindled interest in Snake ‘s adventure .

According to what reported on Reddit , in the ‘ Classified Intel Acquisition ‘ mission , if you meet the undercover agent and stick around, you can get some extra dialogue.

A little below, you will also find a clip that testifies to the curious discovery, which remained hidden for a very long time (until a fan quickly found it ).

[GZ] I thought I knew everything about this game from metalgearsolid


Who knows that other secrets and curiosities relating to a game, MGSV , may not emerge in the future , which is still able to give excellent satisfaction to those who decide to “dig” inside.

Staying on the subject, the online services for Metal Gear Solid V and Metal Gear Online have been closed on old-gen consoles, to the partial disappointment of the players .

Not to mention the problem related to the inability to buy other chapters of the saga on the various PlayStation and Xbox stores, with the hope that these can return as soon as possible.

Finally, fans of MGSV continue to enjoy the various missions, often in their own way, although apparently the Fulton does not allow to ignore one of the most annoying sessions of the game .

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