Metal Gear Solid opening tune comes from another game and Kojima celebrates it

Metal Gear Solid’s opening tune comes from another game and Kojima celebrates it

There is a widely used and abused expression in the depths of the web which is “images you can hear”. In the case of Metal Gear Solid, however, it is true.

When you started the game on the first PlayStation (and later on the PC), you will remember that you were greeted by the Konami logo on a white field. And, accompanying this introduction from the publisher, was a tune of a few notes, after which the prologue movie opened, where Solid Snake swam to the Shadow Moses dock.

Not everyone knows, however, that that tune comes from another game, which recently celebrated its birthday and which Hideo Kojima has not forgotten at all. It is, in fact, the theme of Policenauts, a video game that the game director gave life to in 1994 and to which Metal Gear Solid undoubtedly owes a lot.

You can hear below the Policenauts theme used for the introduction of the Konami logo in the first MGS.

Below, however, is the introduction of Metal Gear Solid.

Speaking of the game, Kojima recalled on July 29 that Policenauts has just turned 28 . The author tells us that «it was launched in the corner of an electronics store, in silence. It was a modest launch, without advertisements, posters or flyers ”, highlighting how things were handled very differently than today – also because, he points out, “ it was on a CD-ROM for PC9821 ”.

The author recalls that, when he left the office, he went to the electronics store in Sannomiya to see how the sales of Policenauts were going, in short, checking it in person.

After work, I went to a large electronics store in Sannomiya to see how well it was selling every day. Even in Sannomiya, the PC sales floor had already shrunk at that time.


Policenauts has remained a lot in Hideo Kojima’s imagination, for the most attentive fans: the game, which had a strong narrative imprint in telling of a future in which detectives move with investigations even in space.

A poster of the game was included in Metal Gear Solid in Hal Emmerich’s laboratory, but there are even more obvious references: the character of Meryl Silverburgh, the female heroine of MGS1, comes directly from Policenauts.

The look of this version is echoed both for the outfit, for the Fox-Hound tattoo on the arm, both the athletic physique and – in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – for the bandana that he had to keep in mind the flowing red hair and the bullet-shaped earring.

Moreover, the two protagonists of the game – Ed Brown and Jonathan Ingram – would then have given the names to Ed and Jonathan in Metal Gear Solid 4, completing with Meryl the strong references to Policenauts included in the final chapter of the Solid Snake events.

We also add that Meryl’s partner in the game was called Dave (Forrest): whoever saw the canonical ending of Metal Gear Solid will not struggle to find the appropriate connections, also because of the orange dress worn by the girl in the conclusion to Shadow Moses was just Dave’s.

However, the game was never officially released outside of Japan and, to date, it is possible to recover more of the amateur localizations than anything else. The hope is always that Konami, owner of the IP, can decide to brush up on its catalog, also giving new luster to the great classics of the origins of Hideo Kojima – now independent with its Kojima Productions and also working with Xbox.

At the moment, we hope at least that as promised the publisher will be able to make the old Metal Gear Solids available again, after the licensing problems that have taken them off the market.

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